Napa and Sonoma Winery Tours

Custom itineraries, the best guides and beautiful cars -
do you need any more than that?

Winery Tours in Sonoma and Napa

One of the best and most relaxing ways to enjoy wine country is to do so as a passenger. We highly recommend doing a winery tour with a  knowledgeable driver during your stay. Many of the services offered in Sonoma and Napa are billed by the hour, but if you book for multiple days a flat rate can sometimes be negotiated.

The Farmhouse Inn works with the Silver Service almost exclusively. The Silver Service is a small company run by "Silver Steve"- a name given to him by former Concierge Anna. Steve has 4 beautiful vehicles: an S-Class Mercedes Benz, two Mercedes Sprinter Vans and a Land Rover. The vehicles are superbly maintained, wonderful to ride in and Steve and his crew are a delight. We highly recommend ordering one of Farmhouse's Artisan Picnics for the day - simply add this to your stay when booking online or mention it to your concierge on the phone. All itineraries can be customized to each visitor's preferences.

There are certainly additional options availble - email your Concierge for a list of transportation companies and the options available to you. 

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