Heirloom Eggplants Cropped

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The Bartolomei Ranch has been home to our family for almost 100 years.

Sonoma County FarmWe are proud to be the fith generation of our family to farm this 100 acres of land - home to the Giovanetti and Bartolomei family since 1922- and now home to Catherine, her husband Rod Smith, and children Helen and Rodric Jr. Founded by our Great Grandfather, Domenic Giovanetti, our Sonoma ranch is proud to offer Farmhouse a rich variety of sustainably grown produce.

From our Italian bee hives, we harvest summer blackberry honey and spring forest honeys.  Our heirloom apple and pear orchards offer Gravenstein, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Rome Beauties and a nice cider apple that we just refer to as "winter apples." Our one acre vegetable garden grows much of the seasonal produce we use at the inn.  And Catherine's chickens provide eggs for breakfast. 

Farmhouse Innkeeper (s) in trainingDomenic's zinfandel vineyards have been replanted to pinot noir, and produce some of the finest pinot noir grown in Sonoma, California. Steep, rocky hillsides and perfect sunlight result in fruit with rich flavors and stunning clarity.  The majority of the fruit is now going into our own wine label, Lost & Found, but has historically been sold to the acclaimed Red Car Winery for a limited Bartolomei Ranch bottling.

Please note that the family ranch is three miles from Farmhouse and is not currently open to the general public.

Above:  Joe's son, Alex and Catherine's daughter, Helen, in the chicken coop.  Left:  The Boys!  Joe's Alex and Nico and Catherine's Rodric with eggs.



family2Bartolomei, Martinelli, and Giovanetti Family, Wright's Beach, Sonoma Coast, circa 1930


family4Evelyn Giovanetti-Bartolomei, on the family ranch, posing on the Ford, circa 1932

family1Edna Giovanetti-Martino milking Daisy, on the family ranch, Russian River Valley, circa 1930