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Sunshine, beaches, warm weather – for many, the classic image of California. While the warm weather and sunshine certainly epitomize California for the majority of the year, come November we enter what Californians refers to as “winter” (we freely admit that we’re weather wimps – if you dropped us in Chicago in December we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves). As we leave October and our...Read More
There is much to love about wine country in the fall; the changing colors of harvest time, the seasonal foods, the Halloween parties, and of course, the wine. In wine country we know how to celebrate our favorite time of year with style. All around Sonoma County the pumpkin patches and corn mazes have begun to open, the vineyards have caught on fire with bright hues of red, orange and...Read More
  Needing a vacation? Maybe a quick getaway before the frenzy of the holiday season? By the end of this page we hope you’ll be inspired and busy looking at flight options. Why wait- really? Wine country checks all of the boxes on the vacation must-have list. It really is a no brainer. Don’t believe us? We have 5 great reasons to visit wine country before the start of 2015. Feel...Read More
Several months ago we were approached by the Sonoma County Winegrowers requesting a lunchEON at Farmhouse Inn restaurant as part of their Sonoma County Grape Camp event. The event is a three day immersion in Sonoma County’s wine country harvest and includes dinners and lunches at several local restaurants. The Campers travel throughout Sonoma County experiencing the different elements of...Read More
Have you noticed we seem to be written up everywhere lately? Recent accolades and this year's expansion at Farmhouse Inn has generated a lot of attention from the press.   Be it print or online, we’re always grateful when the Farmhouse Inn is featured or mentioned in the press.  Our expansion project began in March and has included extensive new landscaping (including a...Read More