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Snow in the wine country ...Beautiful!

Posted by Meilani Naranjo on February 22, 2011
Just a few weeks ago the entire country was jealous of our 3 weeks of spring like weather that came a little early to Sonoma County.  We had some lovely guests at the inn visiting from Connecticut that said they couldn't even find a place to put all the snow...we were right about 75 degrees at the time. New York and Chicago were just sick of the whole thing and so glad to be out of there!

So now it is February and winter is back with a vengeance.  Roads closed, power out, snow capped vineyards and hillsides-  and you know, Californians do not know how to drive in any kind of weather. And I had to go digging for my sweaters...
Check out this picture from Kendall Jackson's blog 

Snow in the wine country

And now they are predicting more snow this Friday in Santa Rosa...that's practically sea level - not even up a hill or mountain.  And maybe even in San Francisco- not seen since 1976. But don't you worry, the grape vines will survive...but if this cool weather continues I know some wine makers who will be grumpy from lack of sleep.  Can't wait to see if the weather predictions come true...but we are all prepared here at the Farmhouse Inn.  Cozy fireplaces, hot cocoa, s'mores, DVD library, books, puzzles and games and a few candles just in case. If we have to venture out from our little romantic getaway almost 200 wineries to choose from or maybe we'll just make a snowman.  Snowball fight anyone?     
                     mr. wine country snowman

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What would be better than good wine, good company, amazing s’mores, and a cozy fire?  I can’t think of anything else I would want!  Joey and I really enjoyed the nostalgia of roasting and toasting the marshmallows over the fire!  It definitely took me back to my childhood and I had no shame in having two of them!  I couldn’t help it!.continue