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Russian River Wine Road gone mad!

Posted by Meilani N on March 18, 2011

 barrel tastingBarrel Tasting this weekend... very busy, exhausted tasting room staff but our guests here at the Farmhouse not only invested in futures but shipped a lot of wine home. Yes,  we do a lot of shipping for our guests. Wine Country Shipping picks up here at the Inn almost every day.

 Rave reviews and some new discoveries- I hope the wineries got some rest this week.

 Preston WineryWe had a few of our guests trying to avoid the crowds and visiting some wineries not participating in the event. One discovery was Preston Winery- quiet, laid back Lou and his olive oil tasting.  You need a little rest from all the wine...though he has some great things in that arena too.

There were many standouts this weekend but we heard repeated mentions of Lambert Bridge , Pellegrini, Arista,and our friends right up the road in Healdsburg at Williamson.  Our guests from the Bay Area were bowled over by Bill Williamson and his Aussie hospitality.  They do everything from a wonderful food and wine pairing to...are you sitting down? Williamson Wines Helicopter tours

           a "live like a millionaire" helicopter tour for four. 

It does seem like you can do most anything here in Sonoma County and though the focus is on the wine it is just a beautiful place to retreat to...and even with a "little" rain the Russian River Valley is the most special place.

Now for more crazy... I just heard this morning that Coppola is "bottling" their Sofia champagne in a pop top can...I think the straw is a bit much, don't you?Sofia in a can

 I already miss the cork sometimes with all this craziness and now they are canning champagne...where will it end?

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