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Spring Fling...Inn the Wine Country!

Posted by Meilani N on April 05, 2011

Spring brings the wine country to life and Farmhouse Inn has the pictures to prove it...

budbreak in the wine country

 Sonoma- why we love it...

The buds are breaking, the hummingbirds are humming, the butterflies are flitting, the bees are buzzing...

This vine is on the fence out by the pool.  And just behind it is the fig tree with leaves just popping out. Figs for breakfast!

 honeybees at FarmhouseSome honeybees were swarming
the fireplace at guest services trying to establish a hive and they were sneaking in through the bottom vents of the fireplace making us a little crazy. Imagine will have to have Joe tell you "the Catherine story".  Priceless! Picture not so great but you get the idea.  We had
a beekeeper all set to see what he could do to remove them but I guess they didn't appreciate our warm hospitality and they took off all on their own.  Greener pastures somewhere, I guess.


farmhouse daffodils And Farmhouse is covered with the garden by the firepit (s'mores anyone?) and all along the rock walls. What a bright spot after the dreary winter days.



Now that we are on the subject of flowers...explore the Sonoma, California regional parks during the wildflower walks all through
April and into May.  Hope we have some April Showers passing through to help them along.

 And lastly, our own Miss Charlotte, official Farmhouse greeter and bed warmer.  She has deserted us in guest services for napping in the sun and hunting in woods.

smCharlotte 3235

So you see Spring has sprung and we are so very HAPPY!!

It is the little things in life, greeted by a special kitty, a smiling daffodil, a very busy little bee (or a mess of them) and seeing that first bud break that will eventually fill my glass.

(We will talk about the weeds growing 3 inches every day some other time...does anyone know why the deer don't eat the weeds?  They eat everything else...weeds are sustainable, organic, and very plentiful- you would think!)

How is spring treating you in your neighborhood?

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