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Inn the Wine Country- Ideas for April anyone?

Posted by Meilani N on April 08, 2011

Question in my mind...there is so much going on in April - should I tell you all about it or just a simple calendar of events?  Or maybe a little short story from the Farmhouse Inn concierge team.  Here goes...

We have had some very happy guests lately- the weather has been so great.  A couple of weeks ago was blustery and wet so the Chicago folks packed for here and it was almost 80 degrees.  They had to go shopping for T-shirts. We even had people in the pool though it isn't even heated yet.

Our guests from Georgia, parents with their adult daughter and her husband, made some fantastic discoveries in our corner of the wine country.  We had arranged with Elegant Tours to show them around.  Phil was their driver and he knows some of our Sonoma secrets... and what is going and where.

They came back raving about Phil and the wonderful, boutique style wineries they would never have known about planning from Georgia.Sunce Bocce Ball


 They loved Sunce (one of our Russian River faves) and their Bocce Ball court.


They visited with some of our winery partners and closed out the day at De La Montanya - one of the most fun wineries on the planet.

 DelaMontanya funEvery winery event I try to make a stop there.  They really do it up right (and the wine is okay too!)

Here is a picture of irreverant winemaker fun.

They came back to the inn just over the top about  the open hearted hospitality they found here in Sonoma County.  People talk about Southern hospitality but I guess we have a little of that going on here in California too. 

Speaking of winery events...we have a few things coming up soon but we are about so much more than wine around here.  So here's that calendar.

  • 4/9  Wildfower walk at Riverfront Regional Park from 10-12 (remember those wildflowers from last week?)
  • 4/9  Just have time to get over to Lambert Bridge winery  between
    12-3 for ... Bruce Aidells sausage

      making sausage with Bruce 
      Aidells (good thing we went 
      for that walk).   Might just
      entail drinking some wine,  
      too.  They poured for our 
      Thursday night wine tasting
       this last week...yummm! 

  •  4/10 "How the West was Wine" - not kidding- an Open House with some of the finest of our  West County wineries. 
    Food, fun, and great wine deals. 

  • Butter & Egg Fest


4/16 - the 30th Annual Butter and Egg Days Parade and Festival

 Food, Drink, & Crafts!

       and Fun!

      And then...


  • Apple Blossom Fest

    That same weekend-  the 16th & 17th- the 65th Annual Apple Blossom Festival and Parade
    As you can see we manage to fit in some wine no matter what we are doing...You might add on a little trip to Luther Burbank's Experimental Farm for thier open house this weekend also.
  • 4/17 - this is a big weekend for the Earth too. Ironhorse Vineyards is celebrating Earth Day with a Green Valley fundraising event.
    Ted Turner will be the key note speaker.  (I wonder where he is staying?)
    And Pepperwood Preserve is having their Wildflower Festival that same day.  Linda, one of our star concierges, works out there and can tell you all about it.
  • gosh I almost forgot...Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards is celebrating Chardonnay and Croquet on the 17th too!  How to fit it all in??

    Lots more on the way in April...I will fill you in later.  But here are some teasers-
  • The Browns and the Van Pelts- Siblings in Peanuts at the Charles Schulz Museum
  •  Wine Down Thursdays at Santa Rosa Vintner's Square- more wine tasting with music & food.
  • Wildflowers again at Crane Creek Park
  • Passport Weekend in the Dry Creek Valley
  • Blossoms, Bees, & Barnyard Babies - Farmtrails
  • Bodega Bay Fish Festival
  • Hunt for the Hare Easter Celebration at Safari West

Got any fun and wonderful stuff going on in your neck of the woods...just let me know-  to be continued...Next Week.

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