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Sonoma County and Earth Day at Farmhouse...

Posted by Meilani N on April 13, 2011

How to keep this short and sweet...there is so much going on this week for Earth Day in Sonoma Wine Country!  You had a hint of it last week but let me tell you - we had some things happen at Farmhouse this week that blew our socks off!!

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  •    (don't forget-  Earth day at      
  •    Ironhorse Vineyards with
  •     Ted Turner as speaker!) 

  • First, we "accidently" (don't ask) decided to take a look at how much we were spending on propane and what we could do to cut back.  We had already installed tankless on demand hot water heaters property wide.  Just calling around and checking prices...looks like changing companies and going to bigger tanks (less delivery and gas cost for the supplier) will save us a minimum of $.80/gallon.  Let me tell you- when you buy 14,000 gallons of propane a year - that can certainly add up to a nice chunk of change.

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  • Then the pool guy - not actually just a pool guy...a Certified Aquatic Energy Auditor  came by to show us what we needed to do with the pool solar and pump to meet new requirements this year.  He brought a with him a PGE Energy Auditor who checked all our lighting and equipment and guess what - there is a Lodging rebate program that will help us update our equipment and lighting to be more energy efficient at very little cost.  And if we just change one of our older meters-- under a new rate plan we can save at least $5400/yr.
  • Then the "pool guy" talks about how he can make our pump and solar panels more efficient and run almost completely on solar the whole season at about half the cost. And a good portion of the new equipment cost is covered under a government rebate program.   

                    Earth Day...we love you!

    And then he tells us about this new product- CoverFree a monolayer technology that forms an invisible barrier decreasing water and heating loss (most of the heat of a pool is lost through evaporation).  It is a liquid that is added to the pool weekly and creates an invisible (can't see, can't feel it...) pool cover.
  • So check it out- trying to be kinder to Mother Earth can actually save us money.  And we haven't even changed a single light bulb yet.  However, we were in the market for a new printer recently and did find an Energy Star rated one that we love!  Can you imagine if each person (or each company) did just one thing to help protect our precious Earth?

Now on to some more fun stuff...we think it is pretty cool how many different ways you can view this "heaven on earth" part of Sonoma Wine Country we live in. So hang on and don't scream too loud... skydivingexit 200x300 resized 600


  1. Let's go sky diving up in Cloverdale- just a short jaunt up the road.  Nor Cal will take you up (and boot you out) for a way different view of Mother Earth.




B17flight206900 139483316124108 123692817703158 271682 2424425 n 2.  Or how about a flight in the
 B-17G "Liberty Belle"  out at Sonoma County Airport this weekend. I have always wanted to fly in one those war planes. Such noisy power...
 Only $430 per person and what a way to see the wine country. That would be Jacqui Bailey (lucky girl) from our own KZST radio.  I wonder what she could be aiming at?

hot air balloon sonoma
3.  For something a little tamer- let's take to the skies in a hot air balloon.  Our friends over at  Up and Away Ballooning always take extra special care of our guests.

Hey, I just heard Mike ordered a wheel chair accessible basket for his balloon.  How cool is that?!


4.  Do you remember when our own Anna, star concierge, went ziplining with Sonoma Canopy Tours .

 Ziplining Sonoma

Let me tell you...if you have heard Anna can imagine what she sounds like screaming her way through the redwoods. Earth Day - watch out!

And if you have a problem with heights...I have just the thing for you.  Wine country guided tours with Segway of Healdsburg.  Yup, feet solid (well almost) on the ground the whole time.

Segway of Healdsburg3

Now we haven't even talked about the hiking, biking, canoeing...etc, etc. but I think you get the idea. 

What are you doing to celebrate the Earth this week?

What have I overlooked in outrageous ways to admire this Mother Earth of ours?

And what are you doing at your home or business - that one little thing to help preserve and protect where we live and breathe?

Almost forgot - our new feature-

WINE PAIRINGS - pairing something else with wine besides food!

  • This weekend (the 17th)  Sonoma Cutrer  their "Chardonnay and Crocquet". Wear your whites.
  • and (on the 16th) at Matanzas Creek "Get Zen at Matanzas" - lavender spa products, tours of the lavender barn and chair massages.  (Oysters too, paired with their Sauv Blanc.)

Next week is Easter- then we get to talk about Chocolate and Bunnies.

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