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Posted by Meilani N on July 01, 2011

This week has been focused on celebrations here at Farmhouse Inn...we are all focused on the national celebration of Independence Day but our guests are always celebrating something.  This week we had 3 honeymoon couples in the ought to hear the concierges waxing poetic about each and every one.  Elopement at Farmhouse


 Love is in the air...must be...because we booked 5 of our elopement packages this week also. We love our "tiny weddings" 
one couple is escaping from a wedding on steroids and are coming just themselves and working in a Sonoma wine country honeymoon to boot!

Then when they go home- big party for the family without all the angst of 
a huge circus style wedding.

We have also been having a lot of anniversaries lately...even some of our previous wedding couples have been making it a tradition to come back on their anniversary. 

One of our favorite guests- actually now life long friends- (anyone met Mr. & Mrs. D.) were just here.  They come back every year for their anniversary (this year was their 57th!)  and each of their birthdays. They have stayed with us 33 times over the last 10 years and put up with us through thick and thin.  We inherited them from the previous owners and they went through the period of Joe and Catherine learning the ropes of innkeeping, quite a few construction and updating projects, various changes in people...but still the same chef.  That is why the Kurobuta Pork Chop was on the menu this week- Mr. D loves Chef Stevo's pork chops.

Teresa (aka T.C. or Teec), concierge extraordinaire, wanted to share one of her favorite guests and their celebration of their 40th Anniversary with you.  Mr. and Mrs. Skrnich visited California from New Jersey for were with us almost a week just a few weeks ago. After 40 years together they certainly looked like they still liked each other...

Mateo and Farmhouse guests


They happened to meet Catherine at our Thursday night wine reception and she mentioned to them how much she liked Mateo's mobile kitchen.

He had one scheduled at Twomey Cellars the next night and they were thrilled that T.C. was able to get them in.   Here's a picture of our happy couple with Mateo Granodos.  Certainly looks like it has been 40 very good years.

Their first day with us included a drive up the coast with a special lunch at Nick's Cove and dinner at our local favorite Zazu.  Did you hear about Zazu and the chef/owners?  John and Duskie just were crowned the "King & Queen of Porc" at the Aspen Food and Wine "Grand Cochon".Duskie & John, Zazu                                         

Way to go John & Duskie!

Back to our anniversary couple- the next day of their visit they went on the Bella Cave Tour and then picked up a picnic at the Dry Creek General Store to take wine tasting with them either at Lambert Bridge or Dry Creek winery that day.
The next day they went wine tasting across the Dry Creek Valley with tasting at Martinelli, Sonoma-Cutrer, Unti (remember their rose), and one of our favorite Zin producers, Zichichi.

They spent Saturday over in the Napa Valley at Castillo di Amorosa, Vincent Arroyo, Sterling, Keenan and Reverie with dinner at our local favorite Italian restaurant in Healdsburg, Scopa.  Sunday was their for real anniversary and of course they dined at the Farmhouse  restaurant after spending a more relaxing day with a hike in Armstrong Redwoods, tasting at Hartford Family Winery, exploring the Sonoma Coast and Lunch at River's End.

River's End Sunset

 River's End is my personal favorite place to catch a sunset...but if you exploring the coast it is also a great stop for lunch. 

Monday they stayed in the Russian River Valley, with tasting at Porter Creek, Copain and their picnic pairing, A. Rafanelli, and a final stop at Rochioli.  And of course, a fantastic dinner at Bistro Ralph's in Healdsburg.

What a great celebration of their 40 years together.  We love the good food, good wine, and fantastic adventures that await our guests. It is what keeps them coming back over and over again.  I sure hope we see the Skrnichs' for their 41st and many more.

Do you think we are done celebrating?  No way,  I took a look at the reservations in the restaurant and we have at least 10 birthdays being celebrated this weekend (not including the U.S. of A's) and 8 anniversaries and 4 honeymoons...and those are just the ones we know about.  Sometimes people don't let us know when they make the reservation- they try to fly under the radar but we will find out somehow!

Happy Birthday! 

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Independence Day!

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