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Sonoma Wine Country- Russian River Happenings

Posted by Meilani N on July 22, 2011

 Farmhouse Inn sits right in the middle of Sonoma Wine Country- smack in the center of the Russian River Valley, home of some of the most amazing wines which we celebrate with every day.   I have company coming this weekend and really want to show off to them what Sonoma County is all about above and beyond the wine- Every weekend there is so much to do and see- can't do it all - How to choose?-                                                                                                     

Farmer's Market

   Every Day except Monday there is a

Farmer's Market somewhere in

 Sonoma County.  This weekend I think I will take
my guests to the one in Sebastopol.

                                                And then veggies on the grill!

Stellar choices on Saturday-  but I really think we need at least 7 days for every weekend to try to fit it all in.  The historic Healdsburg Water Carnival is back with the Floatilla, live music, lawn and water games, even the Vintage Swimsuit & Whiskeroo Contests.  Proceeds support the Summer Dam at Veteran's Memorial Beach.  Take a look down memory lane...

Healdsburg Water Carnival

                                                           Barrell Races                                              White Swan Float

 But then on Saturday also is Hot Graton Nights with a Classic Car Show, wine (of course) and a BarbeQue!  I love those hot cars...

And then Dog Days of Summer at Alderbrook Winery...with music by the Hellhounds - Fundraiser for the Healdsburg Animal Shelter-  we could all support the Animal Shelter and have some fun too! 


Korbel Jamaica in July


But then there is Jamaica in July at Korbel Winery... 

Steel Drums and Calypso! Jerk Chicken and Champagne! Bermuda Shorts! Music and Bubbly!



 So what do you think?  What would really impress someone, the essence of Sonoma county fun and whimsy? I can't decide...My guest will have to tell me what sounds enticing.

Sunday is a little easier...I have it narrowed down to Music and BBQ Oysters on the patio at Blue Heron Restaurant in Duncan's Mills- classic rock, R& B, Blues, Funk- oh boy! 

Or maybe the Catalan Festival at Gloria Ferrer   - an opportunity to let your senses be enticed by the melodies of classical guitar, rhythms of flamenco dance, aromas of saffron and spice, and of course a taste of world-class bubbly. 

Every day except Monday there is some kind of music event (most of them free) going on (actually I could probably find one on Monday if I looked a little harder). Almost 200 wineries to visit - I have been here more than 10 years and still have only made it to about half. And there are new ones popping up all the time or they change ownership...How to keep up with it all? By the way, Catherine and Joe, here at the Farmhouse Inn are starting their own winery but don't go looking for "Lost and Found Winery" just yet - the website isn't even up yet- they were just shopping for bottles this morning.  Coming soon...

Anyway,  that's looks like my weekend after our spa treatments at the Farmhouse  , of course.  What does your weekend look like?  Any ideas of something I have missed for my special company.  The redwoods, coast and Russian River are a given...

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