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Wings Over Wine Country, Russian River Grape to Glass...

Posted by Meilani N on August 19, 2011


Hog in The Fog 2011Grape to Glass this Saturday in the wine country- join the Russian River Valley Winegrowers to celebrate the fruits (juices) of their labor. It's a pre-harvest party to end all...some fog (almost guaranteed this weekend) and most definitely the Hog (a savory barbecue dinner follows the reception) and of course, lots of great wine.  Don't miss bidding at the auction for wondrous packages revolving around the Russian River and then music and dance to follow. Many of the wineries are having special seminars or vineyard tours this weekend. Farmhouse Inn is situated smack in the middle of the Valley and is surrounded by some wonderful wineries and smaller growers that get some recognition this weekend. 

Ginny & Grapes
                        Here's our very own Ginny with a

                            bucket full-  Syrah - perhaps from

                           a previous year from her St. Marks'


The Russian River Valley is full of small growers that you never see their label as they produce and sell their grapes to wineries around.  This is the first year Catherine and Joe here at the Farmhouse kept some of their production for their own winery...Lost and Found Winery just bottled their first vintage the other day.  Can't wait...our Sommelier team here at the Farmhouse Restaurant are consultants on the project- it is bound to be something special.  Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook to download Geoff's wine tasting tips.

My favorite event of the year...the roar of the jets flying in for the Wings Over Wine Country  airshow- is the commercial for the 2010 show- you can see why I am soooo excited.  If you are just not that into being up close with the planes- You can see a lot of the show from some of the Russian River Wineries- like Russian Hill, Woodenhead, Sonoma Cutrer and some of the Westside & Eastside road properties going up towards Healdsburg.

 I love the old World War II Warbirds and the C-5 gigantuan cargo plane usually does a flyby over the airport just above stall speed - unbelievable- I still don't "really" believe that thing can fly.  And the U-2 should be doing a flyby too-  I was a little late last year and just missed it.  It just doesn't look a ghost plane or something. U2 And the little stubby Pitts Specials and the aerobatics...You know, years ago when I got my pilots license and was taking all the ground school classes etc...they teach you all about airfoils and how planes can actually fly...but after all that "education" I still think there's a little bit of magic involved.

A sad note- This year the opening ceremony will commemorate the tenth anniversary of September 11,2001 honoring the bravery and sacrifice of those who perished.  It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since our world was changed forever. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

On a happier note- yesterday I was listening to KZST radio (my morning fun station) and they were playing a little game called "Squeeze that Tune".  They had one of the performers from the Cotati Accordian Festival  playing different tunes to see if the listeners could guess what it was.  She played some Lady Gaga (didn't know that one) and even played Stairway to Heaven.  Only reason I knew that one- I have a guitar playing son and when he was learning that song I had to listen to it over and over and...accordions...very interesting instruments.
So head on down to Cotati and get your fix of some Polka, Zydeco, Gypsy, or even Heavy Metal on the accordion.  Hear bands like Polkacide, Tangonero, The Accordion Babes, Squeezebox Sabroso, and Those Darn Accordions (pictured below)- 31 acts on 4 stages should keep you busy.

Those Darn Accordions

Hey that lady in the middle looks a little like our Ginny...wonder if she has a secret passion?  By the way, I am pretty sure there will be some food & wine there too!

So that's what we are doing in the wine country this week.  Sonoma County continues to surprise and delight me.  We live in the most amazing place...and it is not just about the food and the wine and what is going on.  The people and their passions continue to enchant!

 Next week comes the Bodega Seafood, Art, & Wine Festival and Rockin' and Rollin' on the River over at Korbel.  See you there!




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