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Wine Country Weddings...More Romance at Farmhouse!

Posted by Meilani N on September 16, 2011

September has certainly been a couple of weeks of "love is in the air" in the Russian River Valley- not to mention our perfect Sonoma County weather.  We have had some gorgeous brides lately (okay, okay- the grooms were pretty distinguished themselves). Our "tiny" weddings / elopements have been very popular.  The August and September ceremonies were all just the two people.  Somehow, when it is just the couple it is all about family dynamics to be concerned with and no one else's opinions count- just the bride and groom and only what they want! Intimate, private, and mega romantic!

I had shared a couple of the pictures of Natalie and Jesse and their July wedding - here are a few more snapshots of happiness!                                                                   



Natalie & Jesse Natalie & Jesse Russian Hill Celebrate! Jesse & Natalie elopement

Labor Day weekend brought us a special couple all the way from Healdsburg...actually Laura lives in Healdsburg and James is still in law school in Indiana (I think).  Long distance and newlywed...but by their first anniversary they should have it all together! They managed to fit in a wedding in the wine country, a (very) short honeymoon and then back to school for James. 

                                                Laura and James at last                                            Laura & James at Farmhouse INN

Laura Happy & Married

                                         Laura & James Ironhorse
                                                                                 A toast to Love and Happiness..


    I don't have pictures of Holly and Jeff yet who just left us to go back to Wisconsin this morning.  But I do have a couple of "sneak peaks" of Kim and Craig of Ohio who just left us last week.  I'll have more pictures later but could not resist including them in this lineup.

Kim & Craig Russian Hill Winery Happiness...  Kim & Craig 






 Lovely couple, lovely day...perfection! 

Just check out our elopement package ...we do it all!  You just have to show up with the rings and your love.  Officiant is waiting with photographer to capture the moment.  We have the fresh flower bouquet ready and a lovely cake for two, champagne, romantic dinner, massages for major relaxation and of course, all of the romantic wine country at your feet with that perfect Sonoma, California weather...a bonus.  What a lovely way to start your new life together and we so love to be part of it!

...and we do so look forward to your return visits to celebrate every single anniversary, or birthday, or new additions to the family.  Every wedding just extends our Farmhouse family and friends to all corners of the earth and helps us to celebrate every single day.


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