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Posted by Meilani N on September 23, 2011

This has been a crazy week...first we had a big lifestyle article about Catherine & Joe (the brother and sister team that own the Farmhouse Inn) come out in Better Homes and Gardens ("Innkeepers Recreate Their Wine Country Childhood" -page 50).  And then on Sunday Jeff Cox of the local Press Democrat reviewed the Farmhouse restaurant  (called it an "exquisite experience").  Monday night Catherine and Joe went with the chefs to the Zagat release party and out dinner to celebrate the Zagat reviews (27 for food and tops for service- Yeah!).  And yesterday Joe came in waving the new Sunset magazine issue with the Best of the West hotel awards and there we are...again!  (Specifically mentioned for best for Food & Drink.)

Here's some pictures of the chef's latest creations - Jeff Cox used words like "ethereal", "exquisitely composed". "astounding", and "polished and seamless". He called Pattie's desserts "each a four star triumph!". I do believe he waxed poetic in his review but it's easy to do around here.  You ought to see what Stevo comes up with for staff "lunch" sometimes.  Love those fish tacos!

 Farmhouse Frutti di Mare  Yukon Gold Potato Ravioli  Tenderloin of Berkshire Pork
 Valhrona Chocolate Souffle  Roasted Peach Melba  Chef Stevo, Sous Chef Neil, Pastry Chef Pattie

So starter Frutti di Mare, followed by the Yukon Gold Potato Ravioli, then the main course of the Tenderloin of Berkshire Pork and I always need to try all of Pattie's desserts so couldn't decide between the classic Valhrona Chocolate Souffle or the Roasted Peach Melba (with Dry Creek peaches and Shone Farms raspberries).  And of course, a fine picture of Chef Stevo, Sous chef Neil, and our Pastry Chef Pattie Taan.

This little country inn in the middle of nowhere (but 15 minutes from everywhere) sure is getting a bit of attention.  But you will notice it is all about the food and the wine...and sharing the abundance of the Russian River and Sonoma County.  I think Jeff Cox nailed it in his sum up- "Heavenly Food delights in our own backyard." Seriously, that is what we are all about.  One of our bridal couples a couple weeks ago said that around every corner it just kept getting more beautiful and it was like driving through a postcard.  So, we have the beauty of mother nature...oh, did I mention perfect California weather?

I really intended this blog to talk about the different review sources and what they mean to us but running out of time and room.  Let's just say that the professional reviews for instance by the Michelin Guide and even, Jeff's review for the Press Democrat don't mean as much to us and our team as those reviews that are direct from our guests.  That would be the Yelp, Zagat, and Tripadvisor reviews that source directly from you!  

Happy Weekend! And if you haven't visited the Wine Country lately- this is the absolutely best time to come!

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