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Farmhouse Inn Concierge Explores More Wine Country at Chalk Hill ...

Posted by Meilani N on December 10, 2011

This time of year the Farmhouse Inn concierge team tries to get out and about exploring anything new in Sonoma County that they may want to share with our guests. Remember last year when our Anna went out to Sonoma Canopy Tours to explore the new ziplining experience in the Russian River redwoods. Many of our guests have made their way out that way after hearing what an amazing experience it is.

Anna picked a gorgeous day to go exploring at Chalk Hill Estate last week.  She met Rafael who runs their equestrian tours out at the estate. Here's some of her pix...getting ready to mount up!

Anna at Chalk Hill  Anna and JT, her Chalk Hill friend Rafael, equestrian program at Chalk Hill 

 Just imagine... trail rides over a 1400 acre wine country estate!  Chalk Hill is up towards Healdsburg nestled in the foothills of the Mayacama mountain range that divides Napa and Sonoma counties.  They are known for more than their outstanding wine;  the Pavilion and equestrian center is world renowned. Part of the estate is at the 400' elevation with views all around of vineyards, ranchland, and the Russian River Valley. These shots will give you some idea!

Chalk Hill Estate  Chalk Hill Estate Map Chalk Hill Chapel 

The map can be viewed larger on their website but hopefully this small version gives you some idea of the scope of the property.  Anna tells me that Peggy & Fred Furth's 2 dogs are buried in a little graveyard by the chapel. Peggy and Fred were the previous owners (since the early 70's) of the estate and largely responsible for the vision of the estate as a winery and for the ties to the equestrian community. Anna tells me that is the nicest tack room she has ever just catch a glimpse of the chandelier in the corner of this picture. And here is JT and friend Tiger.  I think they know they landed in a little slice of heaven.

Chalk Hill Tack Room Tiger and JT 

You would think that would be quite enough fun for one day but noooo...then Anna went off to the Pavilion for the Chalk Hill Culinary tour.  A tour of the organic gardens and their famed produce followed by an amazing wine and small plates food pairing presented by Chef Didier. 
Anna loved the Sole "Purse" - A purse "made" of sole and filled with thinly sliced scallops in a Saffron sauce...enough with the small plates- she wanted to eat that all day long.  A perfect ending to a perfect day, in a perfect location...Sonoma county wine country shows off again!

Chalk Hill View  Chalk Hill Gate  Anna at Chalk Hill

Scoop of the day - coming soon to Chalk Hill... Rafael is a former polo player and let Anna in on a little California wine country secret.  Next year they are planning on introducing polo tournaments in the pavilion with world class players and horses...can't wait for a return visit to check that out. We will keep you posted on all the happenings in our little neck of the woods. 



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