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The Bachelor in Sonoma Wine Country..."Live Like a Local".

Posted by Meilani N on January 07, 2012

You know you want know you want to... "Live like a Local" in Sonoma County!

We wake up here in the wine country every day and we really, really don't take it for granted.  There is so much diversity and focus on the right things in this area; so much to do and every day is beautiful- yes, even when it rains (not that it has lately - close to summer like conditions again this weekend).  We live in a little slice of heaven and we know it! 

Luther Burbank  referred to this area as "God's chosen place in all the world, as far as nature is concerned."  Even if you don't believe in God there is absolutely something very special about Sonoma County.  If you don't know who Luther Burbank was the above link is to the Wikipedia entry about him - astounding - reponsible for over 800 strains and varieties of plants.  Does the Russet Potato, Shasta Daisy, Fire Poppy, Freestone Peach, or Santa Rosa Plum sound familiar?  If you make it up (or down) this direction be sure to stop by Luther Burbank Home and Gardens in Santa Rosa or the Experimental Farm in Sebastopol.

LutherBurbank Home and Gardens

                                                                                  Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

Here at Farmhouse Inn we love sharing our Sonoma lifestyle with our we are working to take it one step further. Our illustrious concierge team is cooking up a nice little package that includes very special experiences at some of our friends' and neighbors' in the Russian River Valley.  It started last year with our "Passport to the Russian River Valley" with 15 of our partner wineries offering a VIP tasting experience exclusively for the guests of Farmhouse.  It has been so popular (with our guests and the wineries) that this year we are expanding on it.  We are including even more exclusive experiences and even more of our neighbors with some momentos of your visit to the Russian River area thrown in.   It is not completely put to bed yet so stay tuned - keep an eye on the packages page of the website for final details.   So far, it will include a gift from our winery partner of the week, a very special custom experience at one of our favorite wineries, and a hands-on culinary experience and dinner at Relish Culinary School.  And, of course, all the wonderful amenities of Farmhouse Inn, our special breakfast each morning of your visit and a 3 course dinner in the Farmhouse restaurant including wine pairings featuring wine from that day's experience.

 Can't you picture yourself here at Copain Winery?  One of our winery partners who always offers our Farmhouse guests a very special experience. And it is only going to get better!

Copain Winery wine tasting
Sonoma has been in the news a bit lately and normally I wouldn't be parked in front of the television but the TV show "The Bachelor" is featuring a local Sonoma winery owner, Ben Flajnik and his search for "true love".  Well, here at Farmhouse we are all about romance and though the hype of Hollywood gets in the way of reality I thought I would share one of the videos of Ben showing off his home town of Sonoma to the "ladies"- his own version of "live like a local".   Pretty pictures of the area, anyway!


Ben certainly said it when he said he feels "blessed" to live here. We all do and I hope you come and visit soon...we love to share!

They even managed to fit in a walk in the redwoods.  That last shot sure looked like our firepit here at the Farmhouse...s'mores anyone?

 Don't forget -Winter wineland  next weekend- would be a great time to make a visit. 





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What would be better than good wine, good company, amazing s’mores, and a cozy fire?  I can’t think of anything else I would want!  Joey and I really enjoyed the nostalgia of roasting and toasting the marshmallows over the fire!  It definitely took me back to my childhood and I had no shame in having two of them!  I couldn’t help it!.continue