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Crab Feed Strategy in Sonoma Wine Country...add some Sparkling!

Posted by Meilani N on January 23, 2012

Now it feels like winter...It finally started raining, football weekends, and crab feeds everywhere!

One of my favorite foods is plentiful this time of year and crabfeeds are one of the favorite fundraisers for so many of the the nonprofits in Sonoma County.  You think the wine country is just about the wine...this time of year we are crabaholics!  Some weekends there are even several all-you-can-eat feeds to choose from.  Dungeness crab is one of the sweetest, most succulent seasonal prizes from the Northern California coastal area.  Everyone seems to have their own little secrets...for crab maximization!

  • don't fill up on the bread or pasta (save room for the crab, please)
  • bring your own bib (it can be a bit messy)
  • bring your own cracker and picker implements (so you don't miss a morsel!)

                             and bring your friends- make it a party!

Dungeness Crab-  Sonoma County Heaven!

Preparing boatloads of dungeness Crab  Dungeness Crab feed Sonoma  tons of dungeness crab

So I would say if you have never tried our local Dungeness- this weekend would be a great time.  Luckily this weekend the football game is on Sunday (if you have a room here at our little Russian River inn cozy up in your room and order a picnic).  On Saturday you have at least five local Feeds to choose from with no interference from the big game-  just decide who you want to support and show up prepared.

The Active 20-30 of the Redwood Empire Crab Feed is over at St. Eugene's in Santa Rosa at 6 pm- they include a silent auctiion too.

The Masonic Center in Sebastopol has two seatings at 5 and 7 pm.  They are raising $$$ for the public schools.

Petaluma Lions Club starts their crabfeed a little earlier with a 12 noon seating and again at 7 pm with a bonus raffle.

Piner High School has their Booster Crab Feed Dinner and Dance over at the Santa Rosa Veterans Building with live music .

Presentation School in Sonoma Crab and Pasta Feed featuring all you can eat crab, pasta, an oyster bar, dancing and great company.

Next week there at least another 5-6 more feeds to choose from- everyone from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma County to the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa to Montgomery High School.  The crab boats sometimes haul in upwards of 30,000 pounds each trip so there is plenty to go around.  These crab feeds go all the way into early spring so we will certainly have our fill...but by next November we will be dying for crab season again. 

All the local restaurants celebrate the Glorious Crustacean on their seasonal menus too.  Chef Stevo is featuring a Dungeness Crab Pot de Creme as one of the first courses at the Farmhouse Inn Restaurant.  Have you tried it?  

The only question left is what wine are we pouring?   I am not a huge Chardonnay fan but with crab some can be magical, my sister-in-law prefers a beautiful sparkling from J Vineyards or Iron Horse, but somehow I always find a Sauvignon Blanc that works.  The crab is so rich that something lighter works for me. 

So let's get out there and support our local charities...

Here's to the Dungeness!!Champagne celebration

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