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Farmhouse Inn and 3000 fans...what a day in the wine country!

Posted by Meilani N on January 28, 2012

Well... it has been a long day here at Farmhouse Inn- this afternoon we were so close to 3000 fans on our Facebook page that we finally embraced this "social media" thing and tried to make something happen.  Around 4:00 we needed 26 fans to get there - it took us a few hours but with a lot of help from our friends - we did it!! We had people from Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, Idaho, quite a few from California, and even a few locals from Santa Rosa on Facebook helping with the cause.  

3000 Facebook Fan celebration

Now we are at 3009 and moving towards 4000- I wonder how long it will take us to get there?  It was a lot of fun but very stressful towards the end...the world is moving too fast for us sometimes.

So everyone ready for a little romance?  What are we getting up to here in the Wine country?  Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have introduced some special treats recently for our favorite guests.  We kept in touch with Ozzy- he left our concierge team a few months back to go help his partner with a budding cupcakery business in Healdsburg.  And they just make the cutest little... well, I will let the pictures tell the story. 

Moustache Baked Goods Healdsburg
 moustache Baked goods Healdsburg Moustachecupcakesaaceb4613cceaf7a6fbeac240b0fabf3Sketch by Richard Sheppard- Worldwide SketchCrawl, Healdsburg, Ca.  Moustache cupcakes

So good luck to Ozzy and his partner...they have been discovered! You can read more about their recent endeavor on some of the review pages.  Bite Club Eats has already paid them homage, as has Chowhound,  Starkinsider has discovered their Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, and Thrillist has paid them a visit also.

Moustache Baked goods MenuMoustache Baked Goods, Healdsburg, menu Moustache Cupcake boys The Moustache Baked Goods Boys

We are getting some of their cupcakes delivered every that personal service!!
I hope you are lucky enough to get to try them.  By the way, in the spirit of how I started out with this today- you might visit the Moustache Baked Goods facebook page for more pictures of their goodies.  They are building their fan base too...they already have over 400 fans. Way to go, guys!

Oh,  I didn't forget about the is a picture Ozzy just sent me of one of their Valentine's cupcakes.  Love it!  Wouldn't you like to see your sweetie's face when they see one of these?
Happy Valentine's Day!


                                                  Happy "getting ready for " Valentine's Day!!


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