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Farmhouse Inn, More Romance and "(in)famous" Waiter Rob Loughran

Posted by Meilani N on February 18, 2012

Had enough romance? 

Taking a little break from it myself but I promise by the end of this post to share a little Sonoma wine country romance with you to wrap up Valentine's and all the romantic furor from last week. 

Here at Farmhouse all the employees have such passion for what they do.  The concierge team gets so excited to create the perfect itinerary for each and every guest;  by the time they actually meet they are already friends.   Our bellmen delight in sharing the history and some personnal anecdotes about the owners while getting guests settled in their rooms.  The restaurant is all about the food, but with those warm personal touches that make your dining experience extra special. The spa excels in healing treatments and promoting the local and organic connections they have in Sonoma County.  And of course, the wine, the wine, the wine!  We are in the wine country after all.

Every so often one of our employees ends up in the news and we are reminded that they all have lives outside of Farmhouse (and our constant promotion of all things wonderful in Sonoma County).  If you have dined in the Farmhouse restaurant you have probably met our Rob Loughran.  Here he is hiding behind one of his published works.Rob Loughran and High Steaks

We have the "joy" of dealing with his humor on a daily basis but you probably had no idea that he is a fairly well published writer besides.  Here's a link to his books on

And a bit from his bio on

"Winner of the 2002 New Mystery Award for High Steaks.  
 23 books in print.
200+ articles published in national magazines.
8 children and 12 grandchildren (no kidding?).
Avid runner, lives happily and quietly (how is it "quietly" with 8 children and 12 grandchildren?) with wife Penny in Windsor, CA"
And I seem to remember reading a chapter by Rob in one of the "Chicken Soup" books.

 Rob Loughran and "High Steaks"    

 In April he will debut his second mystery series, the Sonoma County Pinot Noir mysteries, this one casting Wine Country locales in starring roles.  There was quite a write up in the local paper.  This link will take you to the article  "Casting Wine Country in Starring Role" by Diana Gilbert.

And in case you want to say "hi" next time you stop in at Farmhouse here is a recognizable picture of him not hiding behind a book.  
(Photo by Jeff Kan Lee/The Press Democrat)
                                                    Rob Loughran, author

He does mention Farmhouse a few times- thank you, Rob.  I do appreciate how he uses fellow employees and dining patrons for inspiration.  So now you know a little bit more about the Farmhouse and one of our star employees.  Keep an eye on this blog for further "dirt" behind the scenes. 

And of course, there is still that promise of a little wine country romance. Did you hear Catherine the other morning discussing Romance and all things Farmhouse with Debbie and Brent on the Brent Farris Morning Show on KZST radio.  I guess they heard about all our romantic getaway in various blogs, on Tripadvisor, CNN Travel, etc. and wanted a piece of the action.

Last week it seemed like the guys were on a roll with their proposals...4 out of 4 yesses (yeses?) we think, one we weren't absolutely sure about- we never saw them after to see if she was wearing the ring!  Gosh, what happens if she says..."Oh, I don't know.  I need to think about it?"
But the high point of Valentine's week was definitely the elopement "tiny wedding" of Bridget & Franco on Tuesday.  Beautiful, romantic, and happiness radiating from every are just a couple of pictures to prove it.

Bridget & Franco, February 14, 2012
Bridget & Franco Tiny Wedding Cake 

And yes,  that is February in the California Wine country...wild flowers, trees budding, and romance everywhere!  (and no, she did not need a jacket!)


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