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Posted by Meilani N on March 31, 2012

BY NOW I GUESS YOU KNOW THERE ARE OFTEN TIMES JUST A BIT OF WACKINESS GOING ON IN THE WINE COUNTRY... remember the post about the Wacky Art in Sebastopol  from Patrick Amiot or last year's post about the Burma Shave signs along the road here in the Russian River Valley.  And don't forget our famous local cow "Clo" and some of her wacky posters.

Clo poster

We survived Bachelor Ben and his Sonoma County dates and Miss Charlotte here at Farmhouse Inn always gets lots of attention what with dressing for the holidays and her very own mug (she's the Farmhouse cat, remember?).

It is almost time for Easter (nothing too wacky there) though my grandgirls are coming up and we are all set with reservations for the Safari Adventure at Safari West.  (Can't wait to see that new baby monkey and the girls' faces when Dozer the giraffe sticks out his "itty-bitty little" tongue- check out the blog post from a couple of weeks ago if you missed it.)  Sunday they take an Easter Egg Hunt one step further with their "Hunt for the Hare" (all six feet of him). 

 But before Easter we have to get though April Fool's Day on Sunday.  Definitely a time for Shenanigans and Hi-jinks and Tomfoolery and all kinds of funny business.  Remember the tricks we got to play in school?  What kind of April Fool's fun are you going to be up for?

This year I am finally going to make it out to West Sonoma County for the Occidental Fool's ParadeI promise to bring back some pictures but here is a video that gives a fairly good overview of what silliness is in store- with perhaps a bit of Mardi Gras thrown in.

Meg McConahey
did a great write up on past parades for the Press Democrat 707's an exerpt to tempt you:

"There was the Walking Hot Tub, a retro ’70s-style redwood spa made of cardboard and filled with happy fools in swimsuits, soaking in the good life.

Then there was the Flock of Fools, a giant bird’s nest commune pulled on a piano dolly and occupied by a dodo, a flamingo and a pelican, who at the end of the parade laid giant eggs filled with treats for the kids.

And who could forget the Lampshade Brigade marching and singing that detestable earworm, “You Light Up My Life?”

The Occidental Fools Day Parade, pushing off at 1 p.m. Sunday April 1st, is all about being silly. The joke’s not on you. Leave your cranky pants at home and come wearing your wacky hat. Just be prepared to discard your dignity and play the fool, whether you join the rag-tag parade of funsters or hoot and holler from the sidelines."

And a few more pictures in case you need more convincing:

Fools Parade Sonoma Fools Lunapillar  WineCountry Fools 
Occidental Fools Fools Sonoma 

Wine Country foolTotally West Sonoma County Silliness and what a great way to greet spring.  Don't you think? I want to share a link to something from last year that I still get a kick out of... one of the travel sites did a very special sale last year- can't wait to see what they do this year. 

Spring is definitely here- wildflowers popping up everywhere, budbreak on the vines, a few spring showers to keep the show going for a while and yes, Catherine's Easter display went up in the lobby today.

Those really are yellow
marshmallow         Farmhouse Inn Easter display
peeps in one of the jars,

and Mr. Chocolate Bunny, and chocolate
Easter eggs, and more goodies to make
your own Easter basket. 

By next weekend we will have our special Easter Eggs, more goodies and fun for all. 

So if you can make it to the wine country stop by and say:

Happy April Fool's Day!

Happy Spring!  and


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