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Posted by Meilani Naranjo on April 21, 2012

Those Farmhouse Inn concierges are at it again... 

They continually go out and experience all that Sonoma Wine Country has to offer so they can steer the Farmhouse Inn guests to the very best experiences available (remember Anna and her ziplining adventure at Sonoma Canopy Tours?) .  This last week Anna and Meghan went with our Silver Service Steve to Ramsgate Winery and not only checked out the winery but also the Audi Experience at Infineon Raceway.

So what do you think about a winery whose motto from the first page of their website is "Consumed with Passion"...nice, huh? 
And take a look at this photo for a sense of place:

Ramsgate Winery Sonoma

From their website:  "In a world consumed with making things faster, where speed is valued above all else, Ram's Gate is our way of pressing pause. It began with a dream to create a different kind of place, where the things we love most are savored and enjoyed."

I think you could say the same about a visit to Farmhouse. 
One of the things that Anna & Meghan mentioned...that in the relaxed style with layers of luxury and a very warm, approachable staff Ram's Gate reminded them very much of Farmhouse Inn.  

Ramsgate Winery is right across from Infineon Raceway - focused on all things going faster and where speed is definitely valued above all else...but let's press that pause button and take a closer look at Ram's Gate Winery. 

Ram's Gate Winery, Sonoma
(Photo credit: Rocco Ceselin Photography)
Ram's Gate Sonoma Ram's Gate Sonoma 
 Ram's Gate exterior  Wine Country Hospitality
        Ram's Gate Winery,  Sonoma Wine Country Hospitality

While thinking through how best to relate the wonderful experience offered at Ram's Gate I ran across an article at written by Amanda Walter a couple of months ago.  She has done a much better job than I ever could and they have graciously allowed me to quote a portion of her article. (Stole the pictures too.)  

"Set atop a small hill on the Carneros Highway in Sonoma – and just 40 quick minutes from San Francisco – the rustic and completely unassuming barn overlooks both the wetlands and the valley.True to the casual and inviting atmosphere, there is no front door, rather guests are greeted by a large courtyard complete with olive trees and an oversized stone fireplace. As if your arrival was expected, the concierge meets you on the walkway setting a spa-meets-home vibe , with a refreshing calm permeating through a smiling face and a warm welcome.

Around every corner lies jaw-dropping design complimented by a spectacular view of the rolling vineyards. Various tasting rooms are scattered throughout the property, from the over-sized marble tasting bar, to the fireside creamy leather club chairs, the indoor/outdoor dining room, or the luxurious members only library. Then there is of course, the terrace which overlooks the estate vines and the pond just beyond a well-manicured lawn.

But you can’t eat the view now, can you? (Though if you could, I bet this one would be delicious; the foie gras of views, if you will.)

Chef Jason Rose (Delfina Restaurant Group) and the culinary team at Ram’s Gate are changing the way the food world thinks about food and wine pairings. Traditionally, food is the first thought, and wine is paired accordingly. But, being your not-so-typical winery, the opposite happens here; utilizing the on-site “Four Farmer’s Garden”, Rose creates his menus around the wine, letting the wine itself take center stage. At least that’s the intention, but I find it impossible to ignore the talent and tastes that come out of his kitchen. Crispy pork belly with cranberry beans and brussels sprouts, Sonoma foie gras with braised grapes and parmesan crostini, truffled artichoke soup with seared dayboat scallops, braised oxtail pappardelle, Nieman Ranch hangar steak with duck fat fingerling potatoes…the menu is truly poetic, punctuated with approachable prices. Each dish is sinfully rich yet seductively simple, mirroring the paradoxical casual-glamor design at Ram’s Gate."  (Thanks, Amanda for such a beautiful description of the whole experience.)

 Anna and Meghan have not stopped talking about the culinary program, the wine pairings, the amazing views, the warm and welcoming staff.  Below are a few pictures from the girls and their day at Ram's Gate and Infineon's Audi Experience. 

This is where the sexy cars show up!

Sonoma Infineon line up
Sonoma Infineon Lineup- Vrooom, Vroooom!

 Silver Service Steve
Sexy Cars or is it Sexy Silver Service Steve?

 Anna and Steve Infineon
Head Socks and Helmets - check!

 Anna Audi Racer
That's Our Anna- Ready...Set...Go!

So next time you head out Sonoma Wine country way Ramsgate Winery and the Audis at Infineon Raceway should be on the top of your list. 

Perhaps one last quote from Amanda's article says it best...

"It's easy to feel like Ram's Gate is a home away from home, filled with friends, familiar faces, fantastic food and fabulous views. Whether you are looking for a leisurely afternoon just across the Golden Gate, or a breathtaking venue for a special celebration, Ram's Gate Winery is both passionate and playful, and it is truly, a little slice of heaven."

I am sure you can see from these smiling faces that Anna and Meghan would agree!

Farmhouse concierges Anna & Meghan                                                               Anna and Meghan- Wine & Food Pairing at Ram's Gate Winery



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