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Posted by Meilani Naranjo on June 02, 2012

This is the time of year that we all get to play tourist in the wine country.  Summertime in Sonoma just has so much going on.  Art shows, farmer's markets and garden tours, festivals and celebrations of all things Sonoma, and then all the normal, all the time winery stuff going on (Passport to Pinot, anyone?).  Just can't cover it all in one blog post.  So this week's feature- the music venues going on all summer.

Right now one of the biggest (longest) events is the 10-day Healdsburg Jazz Festival going on right now in Healdsburg- check out the schedule - it closes June 10th. 

If you work it right this weekend you can take in the Beerfest in Santa Rosa on Saturday, sneak in to a couple of the artists studios at the West Sonoma County's Art at the Source open studio tours and still fit in some of the Jazz events in Healdsburg.  The Summer Concert Series in the Healdsburg plaza started this last Tuesday.  June 12th- Gator Beat and Zydeco-  listen up - mark it on your calendar!  Always manage to see them at least once sometime during the season.  Everybody dance!!

This acting like a tourist can be exhausting...I don't know how our guests at Farmhouse Inn do it. 

The Krush backyard free concerts started last week and this week features the Comatose Brothers (what a name for a band) .  It's that time of year when you just pull up a piece of grassy lawn and kick back- sometimes a lazy summer afternoon and sometimes under the stars. There is some kind of music event going on every single day of the week and a lot of them free. 

One of my favorites is Summer Nights on the Green in Windsor...starts mid-June and is every Thursday all the way through the end of August.  Tom Rigney is on my calendar, as is Wonder Bread 5, and Maria Muldaur and of course, the grand finale - Beatles Flashback on Aug. 30th-  amazing- nice to actually know all the words!  I have friends I go with- picnic and wine packed in the cooler, our way-cool low beach chairs, visit the farmer's market, maybe pick up a piece of pizza from Rosso's and watch the line up of dancer's- seems to be the same people every week getting their groove on! This year I heard some of the restaurants around the Green are actually going to arrange for delivery and to-go food to help supply the crowd.  People watching, wine,  music and  summer- yes!

This morning the Santa Rosa Press Democrat published a column by Dan Taylor that covered some of the other music events so well I just don't think I could do any better.  So here is a link to Dan's article about music events at some of the wineries. 
Beyond the wineries...Lagunitas Brewing Company  (that's the beer/ale people) in Petaluma is getting in on the act and I love Dan's write up on it.
"A 325-seat amphitheater installed last fall at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma will host live music most Mondays and Tuesdays, including a special July 3 appearance by Emmylou Harris.
The Lagunitas staff was moving its bottling line to a different building, which required some excavation. As the dirt piled up, brewery founder and owner Tony Magee was inspired to rent a backhoe and create an amphitheater.
“We dug down a little bit to put in the stage, and piled up the dirt into a hill that’s kind of like a mini-Shoreline Amphitheatre,” said Ron Lindenbusch, head of marketing. “We call it the ‘Lagu-mini Amphitheater-ette.’” 

Lagu-mini Amphitheater-ette

Can't you just see yourself with your own little patch of lawn...yup- right there front and center!  Small, intimate, and soooo cool!

or maybe head down to the Gundlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma- Music events since 1897...really?! 

As Dan's article finishes up...
"All in all, it’s a hard combination to top — fresh air, sunshine, live music, good wines and pretty scenery.
“You can see mountains in the distance,” said Suerio of Gundlach Bundschu, “and vineyards below.”
Every night of the week...something going on music-wise in Sonoma County.  You don't even have to plan- just show up and give the  Farmhouse Inn Concierge Team a call- they have the full scoop. 

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