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Posted by Meilani Naranjo on June 09, 2012

The gardens here at Farmhouse Inn are flourishing this time of year and our gardener Jana, has been very busy this week prepping for the Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour this weekend.   We had some great guests from New Jersey with us all week (they fell in love with Charlotte) and she mentioned how jealous she was of our gardens (and our California weather).  We are seeing more and more of the guests hanging out with Jana, asking questions, and even helping her out a little.  She was handpicking an evil beetle off some of her babies and one of the guests was bringing her handfuls of the nasty little varmints. (Don't mention the word "raccoon" to her- she goes a little crazy about that bad boy.) She has new signs we designed for the gardens that she is installing for this weekend so now you can do a little self-guided tour around the grounds.

New Farmhouse garden signs Farmhouse firepit  Fuschia Farmhouse inn 

Eight of the West Sonoma County bed and breakfast inns and resorts are opening our doors for tours of the gardens benefiting the West County Health Centers. You can start at any of the participating properties and meander your way through the gorgeous gardens of the Russian River Wine Country. The second and last weekend of the Art at the Source Open Studios is this weekend and the Russian River Passport to Pinot is also this weekend and the Forestville Youth Park BBQ is this weekend and...well, West Sonoma County is totally the happening place this weekend. You know... there is no reason you can't take in some artist studios, wander the gardens, sip some wine, and drop in for some BBQ. You have all weekend, after all.  You will find pieces of the events overlapping all over the West county this weekend- Enjoy!

Now for the good stuff - a photographer was here and took some photos he is willing to share with us.  So take a look at our garden through a professional's eyes...all the following photos were taken by Robert Hecht recently. I really cannot decide which is my favorite.

Farmhouse poppy garden Farmhouse poppy pod  Farmhouse poppy 
 Farmhouse flowers  Columbine Farmhouse Inn  Farmhouse Flower Garden with Bee

Great shots and hauntingly beautiful... did you spot the busy honey bee?

and one of my favorite pictures is of the little bumble bee resting inside a poppy...

Bee and poppy
I have another picture like this one with the Bee sleeping inside my rhododendron blossom but I took it with my phone and it didn't come out so well.  (By the way, Tamera took the picture of the fuchsia above with her phone just a few minutes ago!)  I need to get a better phone for this job.

So I hope you make it to some of the gardens this weekend,  a few of the wineries, and don't forget the Open Studios...and I'll see you at Youth Park in Forestville for the BBQ. 



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