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Posted by Meilani Naranjo on September 22, 2012
What--you really thought I was going into 100 ways right now?? Not enough room on this page but how about 5 cool ways to start and I will fill in the rest later.  A guest on their way to Farmhouse Inn for the weekend called this morning to relate that they were just crossing the Golden Gate bridge and were stuck in way cool traffic because the shuttle Endeavor was making a flyby over the bridge.  We saw a posting on Facebook of all the people on rooftops in San Francisco.  What an event!

San Francisco Endeavor flyby
Anyhow, I had to tell the guest that we have a very special event up here in wine country this weekend too.  So the newest, coolest way to see the wine country is from one of the only 3 Zeppelins in the world still flying.   The Airship "Eureka" is in Sonoma County this week and is offering "Pop the Cork" flights over Sonoma County, the wine country, the Russian River, all the way out to the Coast.  There have been quite a few sightings already and you must know by now how fascinated I am by all things that fly.  Even after groundschool and learning all about aerodynamics I still have trouble believing that the plane carrying the shuttle actually can fly.
Pop the Cork Airship tours  Zeppelin Eureka in Sonoma
So that would be number 1-  for coolness!   Staying in the air with all things that fly take a look at a hot air balloon shot from over by Sonoma-Cutrer.. "nuf said- that is number 2 for coolness.
Hot air balloon by winery
Our concierges have contacts at all the balloon companies in both Sonoma and Napa Valleys but Mike over at Up and Away is still our favorite.  He shot a way cool video of one of the balloon rides last year.  Up, Up and Away...
Not ready to come down to earth yet?  How about some loop de loops over the wine country?!
Aerobatics over wine country

Number 3 -Pretty cool, huh.  Just hold on and hope that guy knows what he is doing.

A Sonoma County highlight (if you are brave enough) is at NorCal Skydiving up in Cloverdale...yup- still in the air over the wine country.  And yes that would be number 4...should we stay in the air for number 5?

Nor Cal wine country skydiving
Of course we can!  Number 5 would be one of the favorites of the concierge staff here at Farmhouse Inn- we send many of our more adventurous guests out to zipline through the redwoods at Sonoma Canopy Tours.  And they have a great video too!

There you have it -  5 of the coolest ways to see the wine country and this first round -all from the air.  Eventually we will get to the other 95 - I am happy to accept submissions if you have a cool way we shouldn't miss.

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