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Posted by Meghan Smith on January 06, 2017
Not getting out of bed....comfy, cozy at Farmhouse Inn.

 No excuse necessary – rainy days in Sonoma Napa wine country are days inside snuggled up with your special someone all romantic in front of the warm fireplace. The weather in wine country is often unseasonably warm and sunny in January and February, but sometimes Northern California acts like the rest of the world and gets typical winter weather, complete with clouds and rain. These are the days you want to be at Farmhouse Inn - our warm fireplaces, comfy beds and huge soaker tubs all add up to a romantic getaway where the outside world doesn’t intrude and you have nothing more to think about than what movie you’ll watch next. Here are our 3 favorite romantic things to do in Sonoma on a rainy day. 

Cozy Fireplaces at the Farmhouse InnNumber One: Let go of the guilt and indulge. Yes we just celebrated the new year, and yes we all made resolutions about  how we’ll be good, and we won’t be lazy or eat bad things or drink too much wine…. Throw that out the window we say! Rainy days at Farmhouse are perfect – they were designed to be an indulgence of the most wonderful sort. Start your day with the plan of not leaving the room if you can… and don’t feel bad about it. Repeat your mantra: "I will not feel bad about staying in bed. I will not feel bad about staying in bed..." Have some coffee and yummy pastries delivered from the kitchen – yes, this is doable. You and your special someone can enjoy breakfast in bed with the fireplace warming your toes. If you really want to go for it ask for mimosas with your coffee and pastry. Now that you’re full of sugar and caffeine it’s time for a brief moment of productivity. Fill up your bath tub and open the blinds – there is nothing better than watching the rain fall from inside your room. After you’ve had a good soak (don’t forget to visit the spa bar in guest services the night before!) it’s back to the bed – yes, we encourage you to spend a lot of time in bed – we’re the devil on your shoulder in this case. Tempted by our day of indulgence?  Check Availability here - the perfect bed-fireplace combo is waiting for you.


In-room wine tasting at the Farmhouse InnNumber Two:   Bring the wine tasting to you! Yes, this too is doable! A private wine tasting for just the two of you – we really do think of everything here at Farmhouse (not to brag…). We have several options for how to make your custom wine tasting experience happen. Wineries will on occasion come to Farmhouse Inn and do tastings for our guests. It is important to note that this does need some advance planning. Another option is to work with our sommelier team and to customize your in-room wine experience. This is called our Personal Sommelier program. Work with the sommeliers ahead of time to pick the types of wines you’d like in your wine fridge prior to your arrival. They’ll even include some food pairing recommendations. And if you’d like a one-on-one educational wine experience consider an in-room sommelier led wine tasting. Pick a theme (we like Sonoma vs. Burgundian Chardonnays) and our team will put together a comprehensive tasting for you. They’ll lead you through the wines and the best news – you get to keep the leftover wine! To learn more about these options reach out to our concierge team by emailing them at We promise this will score major points with your significant other in the romance department.


Wine Country Indulgence- indoor outdoor fireplaces Farmhouse InnNumber Three: Spaaaahhhh. The Spa at the Farmhouse has several romantic treatments designed for couples. One of our favorites is the Playful Passion. This experience starts before you step foot in the spa. Start by exfoliating each other with a special scrub (often chocolate scented) in your room – if you’re in one of our Deluxe or Luxury rooms we recommend turning on your steam shower. Following your steamy shower session, head down to the spa for a side-by-side lover's massage. The mood has been set-- it is time to return to your room for a sensually-scented, skin softening bubble bath. Complete the evening with a spicy game designed to turn up the heat. If this isn’t quite your speed, consider a couple’s massage in-suite. Our spa technicians will come to your room – no dodging rain drops for you! They’ll do all the setup and breakdown – all you need to do is enjoy. The in-suite treatments are available in the larger rooms, as the spa tables do take up some square footage. Interested in learning more? Our spa team is here to help – send them a quick message at

Romance, romance, romance. Tis the most romantic time of year. We think the chilly weather is a perfect partner to romantic getaways. And because we love romance so much, we’re offering half off our Romance Package the entire month of February. To inquire about a romantic getaway to the Farmhouse Inn please email the reservations team at We hope to help you plan a rainy romantic day getaway soon.


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