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Posted by Meghan Smith on March 24, 2017

Wellness in Wine Country, Meadowood and Farmhouse Inn.pngWellness and wine country – the initial reaction to those two subjects together is a squishy face mixed with a look of disbelief (don’t pretend like you don’t know what we’re talking about). However, contrary to many beliefs, wine country was built for wellness. Red wine is good for you (in moderation...), there are many healthy (non-wine drinking) outdoor activities to enjoy, and a lot of the food in wine country is organic and grown at nearby farms. Wellness has always been a part of the wine country lifestyle - we just weren't talking about it. We reached out to our friends at Meadowood Napa Valley and begun talking about all the healthy things we do every day. Our brainstorming resulted in our new offering: Wellness in Wine Country.  Details are below but if you're already sold (our writing is that good sometimes) click here for the package specifics.


Meadowood Napa ValleyBeing happy and healthy is a part of the wine country culture – there’s a reason people who move here never leave - and the goal of Wellness in Wine Country is to pass some of that health and happiness on to visitors - plus a big dose of relaxation. What’s the point of going on vacation if you don’t leave happier and more relaxed? The package comes in 3 versions; however the bones are the same in all of them:


The three version options are: Detox, Relax, Energize. The Farmhouse details of each version are outlined below.


Breakfast at the Farmhouse Inn, Sonoma Wine CountryDetox: This version of the package is ideal for the traveler looking for a detox-light experience. It includes in-room yoga setup and special detox wrap in the spa. The wrap of the Detox treatment ensures the body's detoxification through warm temperature. Allowing toxins be released through the lymphatic system.

Relax: This version of the package is our favorite – we believe relaxing on vacation is the key to a successful vacation. The activity in this version is optional but who would miss a hike in Armstrong Redwoods – we’ll provide you with healthy snacks to take with you on the hike. In the spa it’s all about restoring, soothing, and quieting the mind. This relaxing treatment is tranquil and nurturing.

Energize: If you’ve been feeling sluggish lately than this version is for you. It includes a 2 hour, high energy ride with our favorite bike guy, Dave from Adventures in Cycling. The energy version comes with a spa treatment that includes a scrub that is awakening, brightening and, yes, energizing! While still restful and therapeutic, this treatment is a bit more "active". It’s a great treatment to exfoliate the skin in preparation for your summer skin.

Still having a hard time believing you can come to wine country healthier than you arrived? Consider the following: we’re the birth place of vegans… just kidding – we’re blaming New York for that one. But to be serious, Napa and Sonoma have a lot to offer in the health and wellness department. We have kombucha, pasture-raised meats, yoga in the vineyards, hiking and biking in the redwoods, and we’re removed from all the noise and fast-paced energy of major cities. Plus we have really pretty views everywhere you look. That all adds up to a very healthy lifestyle.


Hopefully we’ve convinced you that being healthy in wine country is achievable. If you want a good old fashion wine and food overload kind of vacation, then we look forward to seeing you soon too. To check dinner availability, please contact our reservations team at For additional ideas on what to do in Sonoma County visit our Pinterest Page where our concierge team has been hard at work on providing wine country visitors with area activity ideas. We also have an activities section on our website >> activities. To keep up with all things wine country don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Thank you to @Riva_G and @nathanrosephotography for the amazing images taken here at Farmhouse. 

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