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By Meilani Naranjo on May 12, 2012

All different kinds of Mom's out there and what do they really want for Mother's Day?  Maybe just a little extra love and attention on this day to celebrate all their hard work and devotion to the family.  I always used to celebrate the day with my parents and a big birthday family get together (their birthdays were the 10th and 11th of May so were always right around the day).  Sure miss that big day with all the family around but can look forward to a little extra love from my boys I am sure (their wives are on it!).

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By Meilani N on February 25, 2012

All day today I have been wondering what this week's Wine Country Blog could be about and coming up dry.  We have pretty much covered the kudos we got around Valentine's Day from various sources about Farmhouse being the most romantic inn - hotel - bed and breakfast (you name it).  We spilled the beans about one of our star employees (Rob Loughran) last week and want to spread out our Farmhouse "exposés" a little. 

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Crab Feed Strategy in Sonoma Wine Country...add some Sparkling!

By Meilani N on January 23, 2012

Now it feels like winter...It finally started raining, football weekends, and crab feeds everywhere!

One of my favorite foods is plentiful this time of year and crabfeeds are one of the favorite fundraisers for so many of the the nonprofits in Sonoma County.  You think the wine country is just about the wine...this time of year we are crabaholics!  Some weekends there are even several all-you-can-eat feeds to choose from.  Dungeness crab is one of the sweetest, most succulent seasonal prizes from the Northern California coastal area.  Everyone seems to have their own little secrets...for crab maximization!

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Farmhouse Inn Elves, Christmas Decor, and Holiday Fun

By Meilani Naranjo on December 03, 2011

23 Christmas trees, 24 wreaths, miles of ribbon and twinkly lights, stockings hung with care...Santa is coming to Sonoma County.  And the pine cones- they are everywhere!
Farmhouse Inn creating Christmas memories...                                                    

We have a live tree in every room this year, guest services is looking very festive, wreaths, ribbons, squirrels, and acorns galore.  What else could be needed for the Christmas celebration? Oh, must be Catherine's old fashioned candy and treats at our "do-it-yourself" stocking bar...

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October Wine Country- Pumpkins, Harvest, and Art Trails...

By Meilani N on October 15, 2011

Northern California weather is pretty amazing all the time but has this Sonoma County weather ever been more perfect?  I forget how much I love October every year...the colors changing, the still warm days (but with that fall crispness in the evenings), all manners of Harvest going on and of course, amazing wine country fall traditions. 

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Sonoma Innkeepers remember...

By Meilani N on September 09, 2011

Though the normal summer activities continue here in the Sonoma Wine Country...(we are deep into the harvest now and there are some fun events planned this weekend) I did want to mention this 10th anniversary of 9/11.  We all have memories of that day...the original horror, the tragic losses, the loss of confidence and perhaps naivite of the American public. It was a life changing day for us all and we will always mourn those we lost. This weekend the flags will be flying and there are many events to commemorate the event. Here is a link to a recent interview with one of the firefighters that day.  Read it please.

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Endless Summer in Sonoma County

By Meilani N on September 02, 2011

I have seen so many headlines lately referring to the end of summer...We are not ready for that here in Sonoma wine country...grape harvest is just getting started, the tomatoes are just ripening, saw our first apples and pears come in recently.  No "Last Sips of Summer", "Summer Winding Down", "Back to Reality" or any of that stuff for us here at Farmhouse Inn. The Farmer's Markets are still crazy with good stuff - abundance and bounty everywhere. The Farmstands are overflowing... still time for a canoe ride down the Russian River creek still is flowing strong (It is usually dry by summer's end). Our weather in California stays great all through October.

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Sonoma County...silly, wacky, and wonderful!

By Meilani N on August 12, 2011

Sonoma County does it again...Have you noticed the red signs strung beside the road following the Russian River from Santa Rosa out towards Guerneville? You can head down the road both directions from the Farmhouse Inn in either direction to run into them.  Remember the old Burma Shave signs...well maybe not if you are a youngun' but I remember hearing about them in a marketing class in college.  You could equate them to life sized "twitter" posts with a sense of humor. The signs were up along our earliest roads from the '20s until 1963 and were an early form of our modern billboards advertising a shaving cream.  Here's an example in case you have no idea what I am talking about:

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Sonoma Wine Country...Making Music

By Meilani N on August 05, 2011

The Sonoma Wine Country summer music scene certainly seems to include something for everybody.  I know I've mentioned before there seems to be something going on just about every night...Just to give you a few ideas for the next few weeks.

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Farmhouse Inn and More Wacky Sonoma County...

By Meilani N on July 29, 2011

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