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By Meilani Naranjo on April 7, 2016

What--you really thought I was going into 100 ways right now?? Not enough room on this page but how about 5 cool ways to start and I will fill in the rest later.  A guest on their way to Farmhouse Inn for the weekend called this morning to relate that they were just crossing the Golden Gate bridge and were stuck in way cool traffic because the shuttle Endeavor was making a flyby over the bridge.  We saw a posting on Facebook of all the people on rooftops in San Francisco.  What an event!

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By Meilani N on May 21, 2015

I was reviewing some of the previous Wine Country Blog posts and you must think we do nothing but eat and drink...and eat and drink in the Sonoma wine country. Here at Farmhouse Inn we do seem to focus on those activities but there is quite a lot more to do in Sonoma County. The Russian River (canoeing, kayaking, fishing) runs right through the valley out to the Sonoma Coast.  Armstrong Redwoods (and trail riding through the park) is right down the road. Farmers Markets and farms galore, museums (Charles Schulz, anyone?), skydiving, ziplining...what is your pleasure?

Spring is just around the corner (after we get through the St. Patrick's Day celebrations) and that brings Easter - my grandgirls are coming to visit.  I bribed them with a trip to one of Sonoma County's most precious treasures...a visit to Safari West - maybe even on Easter Sunday for the Hunt for the Hare"Every once in a while Danielle (age 12) expresses an interest in being a veterinarian and is interested in all things scientific.  And Jessica (age 10) is an extremely good student and curious about everything- I think they would both get lot out of a Safari Adventure at the animal preserve. It may not be Africa, but it's close! The animals are running free around your safari jeep allowing for a certain amount of interaction with the animals.  These pictures will tell the story.

Baby flamingo for the flamingo exhibit
Brand New baby monkey
Mom & baby Zebra
Baby Ibex
Love that baby giraffe
Baby crane? or?

Can you guess what some of the babies above are?  Some are obvious but for better pictures and descriptions you should visit the Safari West Facebook page (and become a fan while you are there).
 In case you are wondering how close you can get to the animals...when you go out on the Safari Adventure tour you actually drive around looking for the animals and almost anything can happen.

The Preserve offers some wonderful events during the year-  some how wine manages to creep into everything in the wine country...they have a "Winos and Rhinos" Tour and a "Brews and Buffalos" tour- one of a kind beer sampling adventure on the wilds of the Sonoma Serengeti! And for Mother's Day the "Wild about Moms" brunch and tour but my favorite is the "Romp with the Animals" every New Year's.  Of course, we are all about romance here at the Farmhouse Inn so the Valentine's "Wild Jungle Love Tour" might be just the ticket.

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Sonoma County and Earth Day at Farmhouse...

By Meilani N on May 21, 2015

How to keep this short and sweet...there is so much going on this week for Earth Day in Sonoma Wine Country!  You had a hint of it last week but let me tell you - we had some things happen at Farmhouse this week that blew our socks off!!

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