Wine Country Events and Activities

So much to see and do, we had to create an index.

Sonoma and Napa are home to some of the best bike paths and hiking trails, not to mention wineries and restaurants. Below you'll find a few favorites 

  • Wineries: 
    • Farmhouse Winery Partners : The Farmhouse Winery Partners are a selection of 12 of our favorite local wineries. They offer complimentary tastings to Farmhouse guests and other VIP benefits. 
    • Our Favorite Pinot Noir Wineries : Some wineries are so small, you'd never hear about them unless you already knew about them... 
    • Winery Tours : Learn our tips, tricks and recommendations on how to best enjoy the 400+ wineries in our area. 
  • Restaurants and Food: 
    • Recommended Restaurants : While the first thing people think of when they hear Napa and Sonoma is wine, we do food just as well. Click here to find out where we like to eat when we go out. 
    • Artisan Producers : Sonoma is an agricultural wonderland. Everything from cheese makers to pig farmers are sprinkled throughout the county.  
  • Outdoor Activities: 
    • Adventures : There is so much to do in Sonoma in addition to wine tasting. We have kayaking, zip lining, hiking, biking, boating and much more.  
    • Biking : Sonoma isn't a popular biking destination for nothing- our backroads take visitors through amazing valleys, over rivers and directly to some of California's best wine destinations.  
    • Russian River Activities : The Farmhouse Inn is a hop, skip and a jump from the Russian River. Everything from kayaks to paddle boards are available to guests through our local partners. 
    • Horseback Riding and Golfing : Over the river and through the woods - on horseback you will go. By foot or cart more your style? Sonoma is home to many world-class courses. 

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  • Arts: Music, Galleries and Shopping

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