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Brides Magazine
No. 1 Place to Elope in Wine Country
November, 2011

Marriage Made in Heaven  "The Farmhouse Wedding Coordinator made my wedding the most memorable event in my life. Every week, my husband and I talk about how magical the day was. The flowers were lovely, and the photographer/ pictures were worth the cost of the package alone. When we talk to other married couples about their wedding, they all express how they wish they would have done it differently. If we had an opportunity to do it again, we would still choose an intimate ceremony at Farmhouse.  We could not have had a better Wedding and Honeymoon. It was worth every penny, and we can't wait to return.."

Posted to Trip Advisor by a guest from Maryland

Make Him a Hero Menu ~ From the Doghouse to the Farmhouse

Our Concierge Team is here to help Make You a Hero.  Below is a menu for the Ogre looking to transform into Prince Charming.  While we try our best, results are not guaranteed.  For those seeking help please call 707-887-3300.

Farmhouse Signature Candlelight Tub Turndown: Trying to show her you know how to be thoughtful and romantic? Our Candlelight Tub Turndown is the perfect way to earn some points and avoid any long stays on the couch. While you’re at dinner our Farmhouse Fairy Godmothers will setup a scene that would make a Sandra Bullock fan sigh (if we have to explain who Sandra Bullock is you need more help than we can provide). Candles all around the tub, scented potions, plush towels, romantic music and a bottle of Champagne on ice; all waiting for you when you return from dinner. The best part- you get to tell her it was your idea. Please note our Farmhouse Fairy Godmothers are Concierges in real life, not actual fairies, so will need 48 hours’ notice to coordinate with you. ~Starts at $95

We’ll Take One For You”: Did you forget something? Maybe a birthday or anniversary? Don’t worry, just this once we’ll take one for you. With a custom, hand-written calligraphy apology note and a bottle of champagne we’ll do the apologizing for you. Just don’t mess up again- this offer is valid one per customer. This package can be customized for those apologizing for the “I’m sorry I forgot to call the gardener” up to “I thought our anniversary was next month.” Call our Concierges to determine the level of apology required. ~Starts at $45

Her Time: Have a game you want to watch or a conference call you have to join in on? We know you can’t concentrate when she’s there talking about all the things she wants to do today. We’re here to help you distract her, while making her feel pampered... and impressed with your thoughtfulness. Book her into the spa for a massage and facial or a manicure and pedicure. While you may not understand the bliss of having someone rub your feet and paint your nails hot pink, she’ll be ecstatic to escape you for a few hours- hey, it goes both ways. There is limited availability for this spa package, so if you left your planning until the very last minute you might just be SOL. Don’t worry, our Concierges won’t laugh at you until they hang up the phone. ~Starts at $125 plus gratuity

All that Glitters: There is a reason Marilyn sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. She was sending a message to the men of the world: buy us something shiny and we’ll be so distracted by the sparkle that we’ll forget why we’re mad. If you need to divert her with some bling, visit or call the Concierges and they’ll help you find a way to present her with something that is bound to bring a twinkle to her eye. We can deliver it to you at dinner, in the room before she arrives or have it waiting for you at your favorite winery. Please note that while we consider our Concierges to be the Fairy Godmothers of Romance, they don’t have magical wands and will need some notice to coordinate. ~Prices vary