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Brides Magazine
No. 1 Place to Elope in Wine Country
November, 2011

Marriage Made in Heaven  "The Farmhouse Wedding Coordinator made my wedding the most memorable event in my life. Every week, my husband and I talk about how magical the day was. The flowers were lovely, and the photographer/ pictures were worth the cost of the package alone. When we talk to other married couples about their wedding, they all express how they wish they would have done it differently. If we had an opportunity to do it again, we would still choose an intimate ceremony at Farmhouse.  We could not have had a better Wedding and Honeymoon. It was worth every penny, and we can't wait to return.."

Posted to Trip Advisor by a guest from Maryland

Make Him a Hero ~ An Ogre's Guide to Becoming a Prince

In a land far, far away (or not depending on where you reside), is a realm beyond the Bay and near the Pacific; a magical getaway called the Farmhouse Inn.  Farmhouse is full of romance with candlelight and flowers, champagne and truffles, and many other magical delights not found in other lands.  Surrounded by rolling hills, lush vineyards and home to a Michelin Starred Restaurant, the Farmhouse is a place like no other. 

Farmhouse occupies a corner of Sonoma Wine Country where even the most non-romantic of ogre boyfriends and husbands can be transformed into the likes of Prince Charming, and where the most ordinary of women come to be pampered as all princesses should be. 

The Farmhouse Fairy Godmothers (better known as the Concierge team), help ogres morph their dismal romantic attempts into the stuff that Julia Roberts movies are made of (think Richard Gere riding to Julia's rescue).  With special touches, surprises for their sweethearts, and a flurry of romance, the Farmhouse Fairy Godmothers are able to take any ogre from the swamp into the castle.

With some Farmhouse Fairy Godmother help in the romance department, the castle and Prince Charming status are only a phone call away.

And Ogres of the world please remember, romance is not just for Valentine's Day. 

For Ogre Eyes Only

Princesses, tell your ogres to call us so that we may help him achieve Prince Charming status.

This page is a starter kit for Ogres in training.