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Policies at the Spa

Spa Reservation
Treatment hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Reservation hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Please specify your preference for male or female therapist if this is important to you. All of our therapists are highly trained professionals. If you have any medical needs or allergies, please notify us.

For most massage treatments, it is customary to undress completely and wear your robe while waiting for your therapist. If this makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to wear your undergarments. You will be properly draped for the entire massage. You are welcome to wear your robe to the Spa.

Gratuity is left to your discretion. If pleased with your service, a standard gratuity is 18%. An 18% gratuity is added to spa treatments 2 hours or longer.

Cancellation Policy
In consideration of the therapists and our other guests, we require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. For treatments that are 2 hours or more and for group bookings we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Late cancellations will result in a full charge. 

Simple Cures for Life's Daily Stress...

Farmhouse Favorites
Farmhouse Massage and Mini Facial - 90 mn $215

Hand-crafted products from near-by vineyards and farms are used in our lavender body butter massage and mini-facial.  This massage enhances health as well as beauty.
Catherine's Favorite - 90 mn $220 / 120 mn $285

Massage/hair and scalp treatment/foot exfoliation

This head to toe experience is a favorite at some of the most prestigious spas in the world and one of our owner's favorite. The Farmhouse Massage is enhanced with an intense lavender and orange hair and scalp treatment. While your hair is soaking up nutrients, an aromatic foot scrub and hot towel foot wrap relaxes your entire being.


Massage and Body Work

Warming Ginger Honey Massage - 60 mn / $155

Relax as the healing properties of honey and ginger seduce the senses, revitalize the skin and enhance the immune system.      
The Farmhouse Massage - 60 mn $140 / 90 mn $200 / 120 mn $260

A firm and nurturing massage using unscented potions that feed the skin.
Wellness Solution Massage - 60 mn $150 / 90 mn $215 / 120 mn $280

Each wellness solution offers a specialized blend of essential oils and herbs that provide healing benefits intended for a specific result. An essential oil patch is applied that continues to support your results after the massage. Choose from: Stress Release, Balance, Energy, Detox, and Muscle Soother.
Deep Muscle Massage - 60 mn $155 / 90 mn $220

This targeted massage addresses tight muscle groups and is highly beneficial for physical and mental stress reduction.

Mother-To-Be Massage - 60 mn $140 / 90 mn $200

Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. The utmost care is given to your comfort level by using professional body-support cushions. A soothing blend of oils replenishes your skin and soothes your soul as your therapist targets areas of tension common during pregnancy.

Extremity Massage - 60 min $140

Head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet are soothed and cared for while you rest soundly on the table.


Available in the privacy of your room

Couple's Massage - 60 mn $140 / 90 mn $200 / 120 mn $260 per person

A euphoric blend of aromatherapy oils and side by side massages allow you to share the energy of being nurtured together.
Playful Passion for Two - 60 mn $150 / 90 mn $215 per person

Massage, self-guided scrub/steam and bath not included in time

Playtime begins with a special scrub in your own private steam room to exfoliate one another. After the steam, you receive side-by-side lover's massage; finish with a sensually scented, skin softening bubble bath for a romantic soak. Complete the evening playing a game designed to flame your passion.

Available in our treatment room only

Massage Medley (Joe's Pick) - 90 mn $220 / 120 mn $280

The best of all massage worlds! A masterful blend of healing hands, warm stones and a hot towel herbal infusion makes this medley a path to bliss.
Custom Facial - 60 mn/ $155 / 90 mn $220

Using a variety of high end local skin care products, our aestheticians will expertly guide you in the proper skin regimen for your specific needs.  You are one-of-a-kind; so is your facial!