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Gracious service and exclusive treatments utilizing produce harvested on-site are the cornerstones of the Spa at Farmhouse by Francis & Alexander. Conceived as a natural extension to Sonoma farm-inspired experience, our farm-to-table spa menu sparkles with Spring Forest Honey and heirloom cider apples from our own home ranch, along with herbs grown in the Farmhouse Inn kitchen garden.

A true partnership between the inn and Francis & Alexander, the Spa at Farmhouse is a labor of love for Peggy Francis and Loma Alexander, who have consulted, operated, and helped design some of the world's most prestigious spas, including The Spa at Auberge du Soleil, Solage in Calistoga, and The Spa at Palmetto Bluff. Here, their passion is evident in details large and small. Please call 707-887-3300 Ext. 222 to schedule your bliss. 

pears, an apple, brown sugar and leaves on a silver tray

Fall Scrub Rub & Shrub

For the Fall Season, we are featuring our Apple, Pear, & Spice Scrub, Rub, & Shrub handcrafted treatment. Apples and Pears both possess anti-aging qualities. Pears have both a humectant and enzymatic exfoliation quality that help healthy cell turnover and skin hydration. Apples also contain B vitamins proven to combat skin irritation. Don’t forget the scrubs are edible and a fun treat to try!

90 minutes | $280

Apple of the Eye Seasonal treatment complimentary add-on: Sonoma County is known for its apples and this season the Spa offers an estate made eye compress for every treatment. Grated apples are soaked in an infusion of stepped chamomile petals and refrigerated. The cool “Apple of the Eye” compress will  soothe and reduce puffiness, or dry eyes. Apples also contain pectin which aids in anti-oxidation that helps with dark circles. The chamomile tea is soothing to the eyes and can reduce redness.

Spa at Farmhouse by Francis & Alexander Services:

Apothecary Selections

The Personal Apothecary
This signature spa experience begins with an interactive spa consultation using a state-of-the-art app to create the customized spa treatment of your dreams. Together you are intuitively guided in making a unique blend of therapeutic oils specifically for you, which is used throughout your Personal Apothecary service.

Massage 75/90/120 minutes | $230/ $275/$350
Wrap or Scrub + Massage 90/120 minutes | $285/$380
*Personalized blends for home care or gifts are available at the Spa Boutique.

Massage & Bodywork

The Farmhouse Massage 60/90/120 minutes |$180/$270/$360
This Farmhouse Inn favorite allows you to choose the type of massage you need, from slow and soothing to firm and deep. A selection of skin nourishing potions and balms are available to customize your service.

Mother-To-Be Massage 60/90 minutes |$180/$270
Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. We give the utmost care to your comfort level by using professional body-support cushions and pillows. A soothing blend of oils replenishes your skin and soothes your soul as your therapist targets the areas of tension that are most common during pregnancy.

Extremity Massage 60 minutes |$180
Your head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet are soothed and cared for, while you rest soundly and comfortably on the table.

NEW: CBD Massage 60/90/120 minutes $190/$280/$370
CBD is known for its superior anti-inflammatory qualities and is beneficial for body and mind. Our CBD contains skin nourishing oils of lavender, avocado and grape seed. Ask about our CBD bath bomb to take back to your bath to continue your spa experience.

Massage Medley 90/120 minutes |$280/$375
The best of all possible massage worlds! A masterful blend of healing hands, warm gliding stones and aromatic hot herbal towel infusion makes this medley the ultimate path to bliss.

Warming Ginger Honey Massage 60/90 minutes |$185/$285
Relax as the healing properties of ginger and honey seduce the senses, revitalize your skin and enhance your immune system. A complexion-brightening bee propolis back mask and a honey and glycerin mini-facial are both included within the 90 minute session.

Steamy Herbal Compress Massage 90/120 minutes |$280/$375
Large steamy compresses are filled with a special blend of herbs and rolled on the body to soothe the nervous system and help calm inflammation in muscles and joints. The therapists combine stretches, massage and these warm compresses to take you beyond a blissful state of mind.

Farmhouse Inn Signatures

Catherine's Favorite 90/120 minutes |$280/$375
This head-to-toe experience is a favorite at some of the most prestigious spas in the world and one of our owner's favorites. A lavender-orange hair and scalp treatment invigorates the scalp and moisturizes the hair. A lavender tangerine body butter massage and lemon verbena foot scrub treatment are masterfully woven together to create a flowing experience, leaving you happy head to toe.

Body Melt 90 minutes |$280
In days past, farmers used alfalfa hay to help extract lactic acid from sore muscles. Today at Farmhouse Spa, you are nestled into a large warmed moist body pillow filled with muscle healing herbs of alfalfa, lavender and chamomile. The herbs assist in detoxifying the body, calming the mind and relaxing the muscles while transporting you into a deep rest. A full body massage using our handcrafted herbal “Muscle Melt Balm” completes the service.

Scrub, Rub and Shrub 90 minutes |$280
Seasonally, our spa apothecarist Tamara and our estate chef Neil team up to create a synergistic seasonal body scrub and healthful shrub to drink, from the Farmhouse kitchen garden and local purveyors. You may blend your seasonal scrub ingredients by hand or watch as your therapist crafts it for you. Enjoy a full body exfoliation and massage as you toast to your health with a refreshing shrub.Ask our Spa Concierge about our current seasonal offering!

NEW: A Man’s Massage and Mini Facial 60/90 minutes $180/$275
A no nonsense massage isfollowed by an organic mini-facial with bio-nutrient products made 4 men by men with age defying and environmental defense benefits including red wine polyphenols.

Skin Care

Smooth and Lift 75/90 minutes |$280/ $330
This facial begins with a botanical re-surfacer that prepares the skin to receive hydrating serums rich in nutrients, peptides and stem cells. The latest in micro-current technology is then used to lift and tone your skin.

NEW: Farmhouse Custom 60/90 minutes $205/ $300
This facial is determined after a short consultation and determination of what is best for your needs at this time. Powerful peptides, Vitamin C infusions, plant-derived stem cells, and enzymatic botanicals are selections made by you and your esthetician. Leave with luminous skin that is refreshed and rejuvenated. This facial is excellent for any skin type from acne prone to aging skin.

Delicate (for sensitive skin and oncological care) 60/90 minutes |$195/ $290
Gentle yet highly effective this facial helps to reduce redness and inflammation, leaving the skin hydrated, smooth and soft. Aloe and jojoba beads are used to exfoliate the skin without compromising the barrier. Serums and a hydrating mask leave the skin ready to receive a stem cell rebuilding complex and finishing moisturizer.

Deep Rest Face and Foot Refresher 60 minutes $195
Erase fatigue with a Farmhouse Inn Spa antidote to the stress of travel. A mini (but mighty) facial offers exfoliation and a hydrating gel mask for face and feet. Feet are cocooned in warm booties after a hydrating mask is applied. A micro-current eye lift and Biotic Nap, which simulates 4 hours of sleep in 30 minutes, leave you refreshed and ready for Wine Country.

NEW: A Man’s Turn 60/90 minutes $205/ $295
We proudly present the award winning OM4MEN organic bio-nutrient products for the special needs of male skin. Tips for shaving concerns that impact the skin are available during this facial, if desired. Shave the night before, if possible.

Time for Two

Playful Passion (for In-house guests only) 60/90 minutes |$195/$285 per person
Playtime begins with exfoliating each other with a special scrub in your own private steam room. Following the steamy session, you will head to the spa to receive a side-by-side lover's massage. Once back in your private room, luxuriate together in a sensually-scented, skin softening bubble bath. Complete the evening with a game designed to inflame your passion for one another.

Couple’s DIY Scrub+ Bath+ Massage 90/120 minutes $280/$375 per person
The fun begins on the private couple’s room patio. Start with exfoliating each other in the outdoor shower with our Apothecarist edible scrub before jumping into the tub to enjoy a special milky mineral soak, as it foams releasing an intoxicating blend of coconut, orange, and with a sweet kiss of cinnamon. Continue the romance with side-by-side massage using a sensual blend of vanilla and blood orange oil.

NEW: Double Dose 75/90/120 minutes $190/$280/$370 per person
CBD Bath Bomb + Massage
Begin by soaking in the private outside tub with a CBD bath bomb to prepare the body to receive a CBD oil massage side by side.

A Roll in the Hay (weather permitting) 2 hours |$390 per person
Begin with a couple’s spicy mocha scrub to smooth the skin and wake up the senses. After an outdoor rinse, cozy up next to each other on a heated, private back porch lounge and nestle into a wrap under a warm body pillow filled with aromatic herbs and sweet alfalfa. A side of seasonal treats from our estate kitchen and wine is yours to share with one another as you rest cozy and content. Once your bodies have melted, sip on aphrodisiac elixirs and enjoy side-by-side massages with our sensual blend of oils. (Alternative beverage selections are available if wine is not preferred.)We recommend the Body Melt when our Roll in the Hay is unavailable due to weather.

Couple’s Massage 60/90/120 minutes $180/$270/$360 per person 
Enjoy side-by-side massages of your choice in our spacious couple’s room.

Full Bounty

Cream of the Crop 3 hours $565
Scrub + Wrap + Scalp & Hair + Massage + Facial
After a house-made farm-to-body scrub and outdoor shower, your skin will soak in our nutrient rich Seasonal Body Balm during a full body massage and wrap. While cocooned in the balms, receive a lavender and tangerine scalp treatment complete with hair replenishment. A personalized facial for your skin type will leave you cleansed, hydrated and refreshed tip to toe.

Best of Show 2.5 hours |$475
Catherine’s Favorite + Facial + Biotic Nap + Reflexology
Our most popular combination for the perfect spa experience the Catherine’s Favorite (which includes massage, scalp and feet) followed by a facial of your choice. Top it all off with a Biotic Nap and hand reflexology.

The UltimateLift & Renew 2 hours |$375
Farmhouse Massage + Facial + Biotic Nap
After a massage of your choice, enjoy a Smooth and Lift facial. A deeply relaxing Biotic nap, which simulates 4 hours of sleep in 30 minutes, and foot reflexology completes your renewal.

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