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May 13, 2017

Farmhouse's newest guest amenity, the Tesla Model X house car. Tesla designs and builds the most advanced vehicles in the world today. These tricked out cars are fast, gorgeous and can even drive themselves. All on pure electricity. Farmhouse Inn is offering a new guest amenity that is focused on providing visitors with a new way to travel - in a Tesla. Farmhouse will offer guests wine tours in the hotel’s new Model X, as well as daily dinner runs to the nearby downtown Healdsburg - they’d offer self-driven tours but the insurance company vetoed that option... Wine tours will start at $400 per couple and are subject to availability.

Reasons why this is a great amenity and you should book your stay now to take advantage of it:

- Tesla's cars are all electric, therefore better for the environment than taking an UBER
- The dinner run services are complimentary for hotel guests
- You'll be able to tell your friends about driving a new Model X
- A wine tour in the new Tesla is considerably less per hour than most wine tours... 

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