• Farmhouse Family Holiday

    December 01, 2018

    People are forever asking me, how and why did we purchase Farmhouse anyway?  I mean a sister/brother team, purchasing a run-down Bed and Breakfast?  Whaaat was up with that.  I know, we sometimes ask ourselves the same thing.  But the answer is always the same. ... Read more

  • Turkey Time

    October 30, 2018

    It’s funny when you think about holiday menus, every family has those family recipes and traditions that really define that holiday - often culturally or locally influenced. For my family, a few include cracked Dungeness crab on Christmas Eve and gnocchi with my great-grandmothers bolognese on Thanksgiving.... Read more

  • Autumn in Sonoma

    October 15, 2018

    Autumn has arrived in Sonoma County. The grapes are almost entirely harvested, and the vines are beginning their winter dormancy. Their leaves are turning rich yellow and red and starting to fall. The forest trees that surround my home ranch are starting to show signs that autumn has arrived for them as well.... Read more

  • The Gentlewoman Farmer

    October 02, 2018

    Over the years, many times by many people, I have been called a “Gentleman Farmer”. To be honest, I don’t like that name. To me, it sounds like something rich people do - hiring other people to do the work - and that’s just not my style.... Read more

  • The Story of Lost & Found Wine

    September 10, 2018

    August has got to be the craziest month of the year for me. I say that about May, too. And December…But really, a lot happens in August – my kids go back to school which brings on a million school-related activities, both the boards I’m on come back in session after a summer sabbatical, it’s one of the busiest travel months of the year at Farmhouse, and, if not enough, the grape harvest looms on the horizon. Usually for pinot noir still wines we would be harvesting already, but an unusually cool stretch this August has slowed things down giving the fruit a little bit more hang time and, hopefully, a little bit more flavor profile (and me a moment of much-needed breathing room to finally finish my August blog!). Our world here in the Russian River Valley revolves around the seasons of the vineyard and currently, harvest dominates our thoughts. With that in mind, I thought it’s appropriate to talk a little about our winery, Lost & Found.... Read more

  • Russian River Summer

    August 01, 2018

    Everyone knows Sonoma as a great place for amazing food and wine but I don't think many people realize what a phenomenal year-round outdoor paradise it is, too. From miles and miles of rugged coastline to ancient redwood forests to some of the best road biking in the US, there's just an endless number of outdoorsy things to do to keep you busy. And with a super mild year-round climate, no time is a bad time to explore the county. ... Read more

  • 4H and the Bartolomeis

    June 07, 2018

    Farming has been in our blood for Generations. We've been farming the Family Vineyards for over a hundred years but it's been a few generations since we did anything more than grow grape.... Read more

  • Joe's Chickens

    May 04, 2018

    For years, my wife and kids and I have maintained an egg-laying flock of hens at Bartolomei Farms, our home ranch located just a few miles down the road.  These girls are fed all the scraps from the restaurant and our gardens and in return provide beautiful golden-yolked eggs for our breakfast program.  ... Read more

  • The Story of Farmhouse

    April 30, 2018

    Catherine and I purchased Farmhouse back in 2001, 17 seasons ago - it's been an evolution, it's been a process, it's quite frankly been a roller coaster ride. The number one question we get asked about, and something that we've told a million, times is our story, the story of Farmhouse.... Read more

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