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  • Sonoma Wine Country Holidays - Farmhouse Style

    November 25, 2016

    The winter holidays are my favorite time of year. Well, among my favorites. I love it when the wine country vineyards are filled with mustard flowers in March and we know that spring is around the corner. Summer get-togethers on my verandah are pretty amazing, as the sun sets over our Russian River Valley vineyards and the Sonoma Wine Country grape harvest is pretty incredible too. The changing seasons are one of the thrills of living in Sonoma County. But, the holidays are what's next and they are all I can think about right now.

    Back to all the packages I’ve come up with, that may or may not be driving my team crazy… This winter we are offering a new roster of special winter programs. Some are about a great price on i.e. a quick trip and dinner, and some bring Russian River's most iconic winemakers into a series that will allow you to come, feast and, the next day, spend time with them on their own turf. Not something that many properties could pull together (thanks team!). And whether you are celebrating the holidays all out or just want to chill and get away from the hub-bub take a look at our Holidays Your Way Special Package. Whether you need a little spa getaway or just hang out by the fire pit with our s'mores makings it can truly be a holiday your way. And for the gourmand...We have a dinner series that is going to challenge Chef Steve Litke and Food and Beverage Director Matt Brown, to create a celebration of the Old World every Friday in December, and a Celebration of the New World every Saturday. Challenging, but sure to be delicious – this one has all of us excited – expect to see several Farmhouse team members at these dinners. We are encouraging a weekend stay around those too. And, if a tiny wedding or an elopement is something you are considering, consider how magical a Christmas wedding could be! You just show up ready to be dazzled and we'll take care of the rest. We are promising festive surprises at every turn.

  • Wine Country Harvest Time is Over? Now What?

    November 11, 2016

    All around Sonoma Napa wine country you can feel a sense of calm and relief. All the wine grapes have been harvested, everything is being put to sleep in barrels, and the fruit fly population is slowly but surely decreasing. You may think that last one isn’t a big deal, but if you live here you know how much better life is when you aren’t finding fruit flies in your wine every night. Now that the flurry of the 2016 harvest is over, what will we do to keep busy?

    Thankfully Napa and Sonoma don’t shut down in the winter. It does slow a bit which is an advantage- a day of wine tasting is much more relaxed without the summer time throngs. And the wineries have more time to spend with you too. However, we are not just wine here in the wine country; we have many more things happening year round. Things like movie festivals, huge food and wine events, restaurant openings, the beginning of crab season, holiday parties and much more. It’s always a good time to visit wine country but especially between now and the New Year.

  • Beginnings... A Message from Farmhouse Inn Owners

    November 04, 2016

    The question that we get asked more often than any other (and we get a lot of questions…) “WHAT made you decide to buy an inn with your sibling?” It’s usually accompanied by a look of mild awe- as in “I could NEVER work with my sibling”, or a sort of disbelief- as in “you actually BOUGHT this with your sibling? You didn’t inherit it?” Hard to believe, I know.

    But my brother Joe and I actually, deliberately, purchased a very run down, 8 room bed and breakfast inn. And we were both gainfully employed at the time! I was GM of a winery up in Healdsburg, and Joe was a structural engineer on the East Coast. Yes, he actually moved cross country and gave up a great job to buy a bed and breakfast with his sister- well, it is smack in the middle of the Sonoma Napa wine country, and in the heart of the Russian River Valley to boot, and a very short commute from the family ranch, but still…

    Of course, there is some back story here. We are fortunate enough to own, farm and, if you are me, live on the ranch that our Italian-immigrant-great grandfather purchased at the turn of the last century. He brought his father over from Italy, and he lived there too. So that makes us the 5th generation to grow grapes, apples and a lot of poison oak on our beautiful 80 acre property. It also happens to be about 2 miles from Farmhouse.


    January 27, 2016

    Valentine's Day is upon us: That oh so magical time of year synonymous with red roses, chocolates in a box, and teddy bears holding hearts. Forgot to make a plan? You are not alone and thankfully the romance experts at Farmhouse Inn are here to help. We have declared February as the Month of Romance (why limit to a single day?) and the Sonoma wine country is perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether surprising your loved one with a last minute romantic interlude or adding on some delightful extras to an already-planned trip, we are here to make sure that your Valentine’s Day amounts to more than bad candy or even worse; bad champagne.

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