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Sonoma County- It's the cheesiest...

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So many of our guests here at Farmhouse Inn have a fascination with cheese... must be all those "happy cow" commercials they see- we are getting more and more requests for farm tours and questions on where to go see "cheese making" in action.

Farmhouse - (behind) The Inn Scene

Trip advisor reviews

I was talking to Ozzy, our newest concierge the other day.  He came to us from a large hotel over in the Napa Valley.   He asked me the one question that comes up over and over..."How did you get into innkeeping?" (My business partner would reply "Temporary insanity!)  What type of person wants to be an innkeeper anyway?   It is extremely hard work day in and day out but we all love it!  I had a conversation with a fellow innkeeper yesterday and she was frustrated with trying to keep up with the new marketing possibilities, keeping the website current, getting our arms around this whole social media thing, and now we have to go mobile too?!  Geez- we used to just have to worry about what to fix for breakfast.  

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