Fall Spa

Fall Special

For the Fall Season, we are featuring our Apple, Pear, & Spice Scrub, Rub, & Shrub handcrafted treatment. Apples and Pears both possess anti-aging qualities. Pears have both a humectant and enzymatic exfoliation quality that help healthy cell turnover and skin hydration. Apples also contain B vitamins proven to combat skin irritation. Don’t forget the scrubs are edible and a fun treat to try!

Apple of the Eye Seasonal treatment add-on: Sonoma County is known for its apples and this season the Spa offers an estate made eye compress for every treatment. Grated apples are soaked in an infusion of stepped chamomile petals and refrigerated. The cool “Apple of the Eye” compress will  soothe and reduce puffiness, or dry eyes. Apples also contain pectin which aids in anti-oxidation that helps with dark circles. The chamomile tea is soothing to the eyes and can reduce redness.