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Farmhouse Restaurant

What happens when two fifth-generation Sonoma farmers, a world-class maitre d’ and a team of sommeliers conspire? Some call it magic…We call it Farmhouse Inn. Our restaurant has long been the cornerstone of our hotel. Fueled by ingredients straight from Joe and Catherine Bartolomei’s ranch or discovered by the chef on his daily farm stops en route to the inn, our menus are ever-changing and rely exclusively on not only what is fresh and seasonal in Sonoma County, but on what is perfect, unexpected and delightful.

Our service is friendly yet infinitely professional and sophisticated, carefully orchestrated down to the smallest detail. The wine program offers opportunities to experience not just the finest wines of the Sonoma and Napa wine country, but those most perfectly suited to complement the dining experience we strive to create.

Welcome to a world of flavor, close your eyes and let yourself be guided. We offer you that perfect pairing – the art of great fine dining and sharing precious time with the ones you love. Let us take you on a culinary journey, bite-by-bite, through the beautiful terroir of Sonoma County.

Six Course Menu $175 pp

Wine Pairing $125 pp

Thursday – Monday 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Farmhouse Fine Dining Lamb Dish
Man and woman sitting at table in restaurant conversing with wine on the table.
group of people toasting with wine around an outdoor dining table

Meet The Chef

Chef’s Style & Vision

Meet Our Fine Dining Chef!

Chef Jeremy Cabrera: I began my career in the culinary industry roughly 20yrs ago when I accidentally volunteered for a summer camp kitchen job…it was the first on-ramp that would lead me down a road that would take me around the country and bring me back home to the San Francisco Bay area. A journey into a world of tweezers and pretentious culinary students who have never spent a day on a line intertwined with a world of street-hardened former gang members and drug dealers, drug addicts and alcoholics, students, travelers, and foodies. In twenty years, I can safely say I may have cooked in every style of restaurant imaginable, meeting people from every walk of life, from every part of the world….from Las Vegas fine dining to hotels in Seattle, to gastro pubs, to beer gardens and catering…from California cuisine to classic french…North Carolina BBQ to southern fried and fresh, Spanish to Mediterranean, and north African cuisines with a hint of Asian influence. I’ve attempted it all, it seems. However, I’m always looking for the next moment to grow and learn. It’s called “culinary arts,” and like all other art forms, it is the natural flow of the industry…to keep growing, learning, progressing, and mastering.

Jeremy Cabrera at Fine-Dining Farmhouse Restaurant
Farmhouse Fine Dining Tortellini Dish
mixed green salad with fruits and meats

Chef Jeremy Cabrera has a passion for the connection between farmers, ranchers and artisans with the fine dining culinary program at Farmhouse Inn.

Local Produce


Our commitment

  • All the waste from the kitchen goes to our flock of about 80 hens who lay all the eggs for Farmhouse.
  • Joe’s family raises local pigs, lambs, and our annual heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving, and harvests the local honey used in spa services
    and menus.
  • The landscape of the Farmhouse fuels the creativity of our chefs and the Spa. Rosemary, lavender, edible flowers, and fresh veggies at the FARMSTAND are used in our breakfast and lunch menus.
  • Most of our produce is sourced locally from organic farms or grown by our owner’s family, Joe, and Sharon.
  • Chef is very involved with the local growers, ensuring access to the freshest produce.
close-up of man holding four eggs with white shells
Grilled French White Asparagus With Wine
Farmhouse Fine Dining Dessert
illustration of garlic


“If you are ever going to be in the Russian River Valley you must at least have a meal at this great place. My wife and I enjoyed every moment. It feels like you are entering somebody’s home and you are treated that way as well.”



“We had one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time here. We’ve been traveling the world and this is definitely is one of the best. Fine and creative, beautiful, food presentation with great tastes. A definite restaurant to return to.”

– Tonypose


“A terrific evening. Great wine - great food - creative presentations. Everything on the menu sounded wonderful . Everything we ordered was off the scale. The staff were the best.”

- Raymond P.
Farmhouse Fine Dining Scallop Dish
Farmhouse Fine Dining Dessert
Farmhouse Fine Dining Scallop Dish
herb crusted fish filet with garnish
Farmhouse Fine Dining Restaurant, Garden Room


The Farmhouse offers a small and intimate dining experience. We strongly urge you to reserve in advance. We request a credit card number to hold all reservations.

While we do have an extensive wine list, personal wines are welcome. We charge a $50 corkage fee per 750mL with a 1500 mL maximum per reservation.

We call it Wine Country Casual. Gentlemen are not required to wear a jacket or tie.

For our fine dining dinner service, to protect the culinary experience at Farmhouse, children 8 years and older are welcome to dine in the restaurant. Dinner can be served in the room.


Large Parties

Unfortunately we do not take groups larger than six as our kitchen and dining room are not equipped to handle more than that.


We do ask that out of respect for other diners, you kindly refrain from wearing any fragrances.


Must be received at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $50/person fee.

For a comfortable
all-day dining
experience visit

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close-up of an outdoor four seated table outside The Farmstand. Four wicker seats, brown placemats, whote plates, two wine glasses along with salad and pizza.