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Wine Country Blog: Innsights to the Wine Country

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Farmhouse Inn and 3000 fans...what a day in the wine country!

3000 Facebook Fan celebration

Well... it has been a long day here at Farmhouse Inn- this afternoon we were so close to 3000 fans on our Facebook page that we finally embraced this "social media" thing and tried to make something happen.  Around 4:00 we needed 26 fans to get there - it took us a few hours but with a lot of help from our friends - we did it!! We had people from Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, Idaho, quite a few from California, and even a few locals from Santa Rosa on Facebook helping with the cause.  

Crab Feed Strategy in Sonoma Wine Country...add some Sparkling!

Preparing boatloads of dungeness Crab

Now it feels like winter...It finally started raining, football weekends, and crab feeds everywhere!

One of my favorite foods is plentiful this time of year and crabfeeds are one of the favorite fundraisers for so many of the the nonprofits in Sonoma County.  You think the wine country is just about the wine...this time of year we are crabaholics!  Some weekends there are even several all-you-can-eat feeds to choose from.  Dungeness crab is one of the sweetest, most succulent seasonal prizes from the Northern California coastal area.  Everyone seems to have their own little secrets...for crab maximization!

The Bachelor in Sonoma Wine Country..."Live Like a Local".

LutherBurbank Home and Gardens

You know you want know you want to... "Live like a Local" in Sonoma County!

We wake up here in the wine country every day and we really, really don't take it for granted.  There is so much diversity and focus on the right things in this area; so much to do and every day is beautiful- yes, even when it rains (not that it has lately - close to summer like conditions again this weekend).  We live in a little slice of heaven and we know it! 

Luther Burbank  referred to this area as "God's chosen place in all the world, as far as nature is concerned."  Even if you don't believe in God there is absolutely something very special about Sonoma County.  If you don't know who Luther Burbank was the above link is to the Wikipedia entry about him - astounding - reponsible for over 800 strains and varieties of plants.  Does the Russet Potato, Shasta Daisy, Fire Poppy, Freestone Peach, or Santa Rosa Plum sound familiar?  If you make it up (or down) this direction be sure to stop by Luther Burbank Home and Gardens in Santa Rosa or the Experimental Farm in Sebastopol.

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