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Wine Country Blog: Innsights to the Wine Country

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Inn the Wine Country this week...

March Rainbow IMG 20110324 181828 resized 600

It's been a wild week for Northern California weather wise but it looks like the worst is behind us. Joe took this picture from his truck on the way to the Farmhouse this morning.

Russian River Wine Road gone mad!

barrel tasting

 Barrel Tasting this weekend... very busy, exhausted tasting room staff but our guests here at the Farmhouse not only invested in futures but shipped a lot of wine home. Yes,  we do a lot of shipping for our guests. Wine Country Shipping picks up here at the Inn almost every day.

Cheese, seeds, and whales...loving life in Sonoma County

Cheesemaking in Sonoma County

Our guests here at the Farmhouse sometimes think Sonoma County is only about the wine - especially after a crazy weekend of Barrel Tasting along the wineroad.  This next weekend is the second of the scheduled Barrel Tasting weekends and we shall report further on that later...there are sure to be some highlights reported by our guests.

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