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Wine Country Blog: Innsights to the Wine Country

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Farmhouse Inn...Memorial Weekend starts on a high note!

copain winery sonoma

Today the Farmhouse Inn  concierges are so busy getting ready for the big weekend - 8 of our guests for the weekend came in earlier in the week but we still have 10 couples checking in today.  It is crazy around here...but we are full every weekend so why is it any crazier this week than normal?  Not sure but the phone is ringing off the hook and it seems everyone in the Russian River area is booked up so there are some pretty desperate people out there.  They just figured out today they have three days off?   I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.  I saw a lot of campers on the road last night too so everyone is getting out of town.  And what better place to go than the Sonoma Wine Country...just imagine yourself here... 

Farmhouse - (behind) The Inn Scene

Trip advisor reviews

I was talking to Ozzy, our newest concierge the other day.  He came to us from a large hotel over in the Napa Valley.   He asked me the one question that comes up over and over..."How did you get into innkeeping?" (My business partner would reply "Temporary insanity!)  What type of person wants to be an innkeeper anyway?   It is extremely hard work day in and day out but we all love it!  I had a conversation with a fellow innkeeper yesterday and she was frustrated with trying to keep up with the new marketing possibilities, keeping the website current, getting our arms around this whole social media thing, and now we have to go mobile too?!  Geez- we used to just have to worry about what to fix for breakfast.  

Wine Country this week...Taste of Alexander Valley, Airplanes, Oysters and Belly Dancing!

Sonoma Backroad Challenge

How's that for a headline?  Sure hope that peaked your curiosity a little. Another busy weekend in Sonoma's Wine Country and it is still not even summer!  

What's Cookin' in Sonoma County?

Catherine and Varun Sharma

Here in Sonoma County it does seem like all we do is eat and drink...and then... eat and drink some more. Today at Farmhouse we had Inside Luxury Travel from the UK here to film for a Culinary Travel Show featuring the California Wine Country that will be beamed into over 500 million homes world wide.  Pretty exciting stuff but we won't see the finished product until next fall sometime.  Managed to snap a quick shot of our Catherine and the presenter, Varun Sharma though. 

Any Bargain Wines in the Wine Country?

Dan BergerWe live and breathe wine here in Sonoma County... Now you know you can't drink those $50 and up wines every day (at least I can't).  So what do we do, where do we go to get those everyday wines that we can just drink out by the pool or casually slip some into the spaghetti sauce from our glass (what my sister-in-law refers to as "sluggin' wine")?  Here at Farmhouse Inn  we have a Michelin Star and our Master Sommelier has created a great wine list ...but it is really a celebratory, special occasion type of place-  Not something you would do everyday.  A lot of our guests are here re-stocking their wine cellars with some truly wonderful wines but where do the locals go...

Dan Berger writes a wine column for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and has graciously consented to let me use it.  I was going to write up something myself but he has already done a great job...why duplicate the effort? So here he is...and at the end of the blog I will let you in on a couple of places I go for some fun wines!

15 Nifty things in the Wine Country this week...and Mother's Day too!

sonoma county Human Race

Just way too many things going on in the wine country this does a great job with their event calendar.  Take a look for more nifty stuff there.  So put on your running shoes this weekend and explore all the wonders of Sonoma County.

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