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Wine Country Blog: Innsights to the Wine Country

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Sonoma County- It's the cheesiest...

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So many of our guests here at Farmhouse Inn have a fascination with cheese... must be all those "happy cow" commercials they see- we are getting more and more requests for farm tours and questions on where to go see "cheese making" in action.

Wings Over Wine Country, Russian River Grape to Glass...


Sonoma County...silly, wacky, and wonderful!

Burma Shave Sign

Sonoma County does it again...Have you noticed the red signs strung beside the road following the Russian River from Santa Rosa out towards Guerneville? You can head down the road both directions from the Farmhouse Inn in either direction to run into them.  Remember the old Burma Shave signs...well maybe not if you are a youngun' but I remember hearing about them in a marketing class in college.  You could equate them to life sized "twitter" posts with a sense of humor. The signs were up along our earliest roads from the '20s until 1963 and were an early form of our modern billboards advertising a shaving cream.  Here's an example in case you have no idea what I am talking about:

Sonoma Wine Country...Making Music


The Sonoma Wine Country summer music scene certainly seems to include something for everybody.  I know I've mentioned before there seems to be something going on just about every night...Just to give you a few ideas for the next few weeks.

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