Find Your Place At Farmhouse Inn

At Farmhouse Inn, we believe that a great guest stay starts with great employees. People who share our love of good food and fine wine, our passion for flawless service, and our quest to deliver a singular Sonoma experience. If you are interested in any open position below, we invite you to click on the listing to be directed to our online application where you can learn more about the position and submit your application. We look forward to the possibility of you joining the Farmhouse team!

Breakfast & Lunch Server | Part Time
Concierge | Full Time
Hotel Manager | Full Time 
Wine & Beverage Director| Full Time
Marketing Manager | Full Time


Our Values

Family. Nourish. Curate. Beyond. 

We are a family, first.
We nourish ourselves, our guests, and our community.
The act of curating delights us.
We go beyond what’s expected.

Farmhouse is all about family. We believe in personalized comfort and luxury with heartfelt care. Our curated and connected experiences
are told through the vision of the 5th generation Sonoma family owners.

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