Chef Steve


Steve Litke loves food and nurtures an extraordinary gift for creating dishes that shine with a deceptively simple balance of flavors, textures and aromas. Classic training, matched with the freshest local ingredients and an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency, allow our executive chef to take timeless favorites in fresh and exciting directions. An avid gardener and early proponent of the Slow Foods Movement in October, 2000 (he was one of the first American chefs to prepare a meal at the world-famous Salone del Gusto Slow Food event in Turin, Italy), Steve was awarded his first Michelin Star and has maintained it every year since. No surprise for a veteran chef whose sharpened his skills at such noteworthy eateries as Maxwell’s Plum in San Francisco, Bistro Ralph in Healdsburg, Gordon’s in Aspen, and Hot Tomato in Hartford, Connecticut.