September 12, 2019

A Place to Gather

Since the Inception of Farmhouse, we have always dreamt of the day when we could have a gathering spot for our guests, for our friends, for our team. Throughout the many iterations, the remodels and the expansions, we’ve slowly been working towards a grand master plan for the property. Are we there yet, not even close! But each year we chip away a little bit more, and get a bit closer to the idealized vision that lives in my head (and that is quite possibly unachievable!)

For us, our story began on our home Ranch generations ago. Breaking bread and drinking wine with friends and family was the heart of the community that we grew up in and is the fundamental basis of everything we try to do here at Farmhouse.

So much of what we do – s’mores by the fire pit, evening wine hour, family breakfast with our team – is about building community. And while we have a lovely restaurant and beautiful outdoor spaces, we’ve always lacked an indoor space to gather… until now!

This last winter we embarked on an ambitious remodel project renovating three of our original historic cottages and turning an underutilized office space into what we are affectionately referring to as the “Grange.” The Grange is a space that will serve many purposes for us. It’s a place for groups to gather, whether its corporate or family gatherings. It’s a place for the wine hour on chilly winter days. On Super Bowl Sunday, most likely the giant TV will be a hot commodity. But mostly our Grange is just going to be a comfortable place for our guests to relax. With an oversized fireplace and comfortable furniture, it’s a welcome addition! We hope our guest love it as much as we do! Please come check it out or, if you’re interested in hosting an event here, email our events team at [email protected].

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